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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- 13: The carefree Christmas celebration – Thanks to the babysitter

The pre- Christmas party was a grand success and it was now time to celebrate the Christmas in the office.

The grand success of the pre-Christmas bash

The pre- Christmas party hosted by Natasha was a big hit among her friends and family members. All of them had nothing but words of praise for her. She had been getting a plethora of phone calls from the guests congratulating her on the success of the party and that how much fun they had the last night. Having been a part of such a well themed party in Dubai was new for many of the guests and all of them thoroughly enjoyed it. People even noticed how beautifully Natasha had re done her house and were all appreciative for the efforts of her family members. All of them were simply awe- struck by the new décor and to top that the decorations around the theme. The Hawaiian theme was loved by each and every one and brought about a whole new fervor to the entire party. Natasha could not help but bask in the glory of the success of her party and she was elated to be appreciated by all. All she wanted was to showcase her new décor in which she was successful and she was on top of the world.

The Christmas Eve and the chaos associated with it

Finally it was the evening of the Christmas and all the members of Natasha’s family were quite excited about it. The Christmas tree was beautifully decorated and the entire house was oozing the festivity aura. Natasha had wrapped the gifts for her husband and her son and was really excited to give it to them the next morning. She could not wait to see their reaction when they open the gifts. But she will have to wait for one more day to capture those beautiful moments, she thought. Since it was the Christmas Eve, Natasha had asked her maid to prepare a special meal and thought of celebrating it with the family in their own cozy way. She was still thinking about how to proceed with the evening when her husband got a call from his reporting manager who informed him that he had organized a Christmas celebration get together for all the members of the office and that the presence of every guest is mandatory. This meant that Natasha along with her husband would have to go and attend the celebration and that they would have to leave their son at home. Natasha did not like the idea of leaving her son alone on the Christmas Eve but she had no other option but to join her husband and go to the get together.

Her husband immediately decided to book a babysitter for their son and resorted to for assistance. The babysitter was booked in no time and he gave her a time for reaching after an hour. Meanwhile he asked Natasha to get ready and told her that they would be leaving in an hour. When it comes to babysitters in Dubai, Natasha’s worries are a little bit reduced when they hire a babysitter from So even though unwantedly, but Natasha dressed up for the get together a little less worried. She asked her husband that they would come home early as she wanted to celebrate the occasion with their son as well and was not liking the idea of leaving him alone altogether. She echoed her husband’s thoughts who also wanted to come home early to be with their son.

The responsible babysitter

When Natasha and her husband were not at home, the babysitter took complete care of their son. She knew that it was Christmas Eve and hence, decided to tell their son the story behind the celebration of Christmas. Natasha’s son was completely engrossed in the story and he liked it so much that he wanted to see a video on it. The babysitter found a video on the story of Christmas and both she and Natasha’s son watched it with great interest. She even fed him the special meal cooked for the day and he enjoyed it. Next they read few more stories on the celebration of Christmas and read about the notion of how Santa Claus came every year and gave gifts to the kids. Now that Natasha’s son knew about the story behind Santa Claus, in his mind he also expected to receive a gift from his parents.

During the party, Natasha regularly monitored the task list that she had given to the babysitter and even called the babysitter intermittently to know if everything is going smooth. She was relaxed to know that her son was enjoying with the babysitter and got involved in the party a little more. If she got to know that her son was being cranky or giving a hard time to the babysitter, even she would not have been able to enjoy the get together as her entire focus would be on leaving early from the party.

The home coming and the excitement of Christmas presents

As decided, Natasha and her husband came back from the party early and it was still 11:30 in the night when they reached home. Natasha immediately went and hugged her son who was so supportive and did not trouble the babysitter at all. Natasha decided that she would be giving the presents tonight only at the stroke of 12 rather than waiting till the morning. Natasha and her husband thanked the babysitter for her sincere efforts and also told her that they were grateful to her for handling their son so well. She had taught him the importance of Christmas and why it was celebrated and both of them were happy to know about it. The babysitter left by almost 12 and it was time that Natasha gave the presents to her husband and her son.

Natasha brought both the presents in the living room where they were present and handed it to the respective owner. Her son literally jumped from his seat on seeing his swimming kit and was on top of the world. It was few hours back that he was thinking of Santa and the gifts that he brought along and was highly surprised to see his wish being fulfilled. He came and hugged both his parents when they told him that they had enrolled him for swimming classes and that he would be joining them soon. Next was the turn of Natasha’s husband who had least expected to receive a present tonight. When he opened it, he saw a handsome shirt and was totally in love with it from the moment he saw it. He was highly impressed with his wife’s choice and gave her a big hug of thank you. Natasha was extremely happy to see her son and her husband happy. She was glad that both of them liked their respective gifts and that she had made a right decision to give them those. All the members of the family wished each other a merry Christmas and decided to go for an outing the next day. The feeling of being together, the feeling of being with your family members and celebrating such little little occasions is something which cannot be beaten by anything else in the world. As they say it is not the moments in life which matter but it is the life in such memorable moments that matters and it is such moments only which become the most cherished memories of a lifetime. Natasha was thankful to God and was extremely glad that see could get to experience such small pleasures and that she had a wonderful family to be with.

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