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Chronicles of a Working Woman – 17: Baby Sitter to The Rescue While Bedridden

After the accident Natasha was unable to cope with the demands of a growing child. What does she do now?

The Aftermath of the Accident

Though Natasha was back home, her leg was still in a cast and the bruises and injuries still prevented her from becoming completely independent and mobile. The accident had made her unable to cope with the demands of running a household and those of a growing boy. Thankfully she had hired the maid to look after the household chores with the help of

Natasha was very pleased with the way the maid was handling all the chores so well. She was also taking care of Alan, but he was a growing boy and needed more exercise and attention than both Natasha and the maid were able to give him. Though Jason would take him to school and pick him up, it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to take a break from work 5 days a week just to drop and pick up Alan from school. Natasha often thought to book a babysitter online, but kept putting off the decision. She had used a babysitter in Dubai before so she knew exactly what to do. She would just have to look through to find an agency that provided babysitters in Dubai. She could book a babysitter online whenever she wished, but she wanted to discuss it with Jason before hiring a babysitter.

An Emergency Situation

The whole situation was getting complicated and it came to a head one day, barely a week after Natasha had returned from the hospital. The maid had taken an early off as she had been summoned to her children’s school. Natasha was all alone sitting in her usual place on the sofa co-ordinating with her team at work. Jason brought Alan back from school dropped him at the house and hurried off to his work.

Alan came into the house and declared that he was hungry and demanded food. The maid had prepared some lunch for Alan and Natasha and kept it on the kitchen counter. Natasha told Alan to go and fetch the food. Alan went to get the food from the kitchen. Since the counter was a bit high, he had to climb up on a chair to reach the two plates. Trying to complete the chore in one go, he picked up the two plates together. As he was trying to get down from the chair, holding the two plates, the chair overturned and Alan fell down. The plates broke and Alan started crying.

Natasha tried to get up and hurry up to her baby’s side, but found it extremely difficult to do so on her own. Tears of frustration welled up in her eyes. But the determination fuelled by mother’s concern helped her in dragging herself off the sofa. She slowly and painfully limped to where Alan lay on the floor. She lowered herself on the floor next to Alan, picked him up in her arms and comforted him. Alan had spilled food splattered all over him. The pieces of broken plates and food were all over the floor in the kitchen.

Once Alan had stopped crying, Natasha tried to get up, but she couldn’t. She asked Alan to bring her phone over and called Jason. When Jason arrived, he found Natasha sitting on the kitchen floor with Alan in her lap and the chaos of broken plates and splattered food all around.

Exhausted and Stressed Out

Jason immediately helped Natasha on up. Her clothes were all dirty and smeared with food. He carried her to the bathroom and helped her clean up, before turning his attention to Alan. He bathed Alan and changed his clothes. He handed Alan some biscuits before setting off to cleaning the floor and the mess in the kitchen. Once he had cleaned up everything, he cooked a light lunch for them. Finally, the family sat down to eat.

Jason looked exhausted and stressed. Natasha knew he had a high pressure job and with her accident there was a huge amount of pressure on him. She asked Jason if he was having trouble at the office with his irregular attendance and absences during work hour. Jason said, “It is alright for now, but people are starting to comment about it. I cannot keep doing it for much longer.” He then said, “ I could take leave until you are well enough to handle things.”

“No, No,” exclaimed Natasha, “You should not do that. It will impact your career, I know you are handling two very important accounts at the moment.”

“What should we do?” questioned Jason.

“Why don’t we hire a Babysitter to help us with Alan.” Suggested Natasha. “Then you will not have to leave work to take him to the school or bring him back. It is easy to find a babysitter in Dubai.”

“That sounds like a good Idea.” Said Jason. “We could call the same babysitter as we hired during Christmas.” “Where did you find the babysitter last time?” asked Jason. “I found her on"

Decision to Hire a Babysitter in Dubai

Natasha agreed that is was a good idea to hire a babysitter and if they could get the same babysitter as the one they had for Christmas, it would be wonderful as they were familiar with her and would not have to go through the entire process of interviewing the babysitter again. She promised Jason that she would look into the matter as soon as she could. Jason then got up to go back to his office. He kissed Natasha and Alan then left to go back to his office.

Natasha was glad that they had decided to hire a baby sitter. This would mean that there would be someone to take care of Alan all the time and there would be no more incidences like today. She decided to immediately look for the service she had used before through

Finding A Babysitter

Natasha still had some work to finish so she thought that she would look for the babysitter after her work was over.

Once she was free, Natasha went to the website of to look at the domestic services aggregator’s site for Dubai and find a service to book a babysitter online. As soon as she entered her requirement, she was presented with a list of agencies providing various domestic services including babysitting in Dubai. She scrolled down to search for the one she had used before. Once she located the service, she clicked on it to enter the details for the babysitter in Dubai and left a special note mentioning the name of the babysitter she had used before and requested the agency to send the same person over.

She soon got a response from the agency assuring her that they would send the same babysitter that Natasha had used before.

The Babysitter Takes Care of Alan

The next day right on dot, the babysitter arrived. After greeting her, Natasha explained Alan’s routine to her and showed her where Alan’s school was. She explained the duties she expected the babysitter to perform. Jason was also glad that he would not have to leave work anymore for Alan and that there would be one more person around Natasha. Though he had not expressed his concern before, he had been reluctant to leave Natasha alone in her condition. Now that there were two more people with her during the day, he was less worried and stressed.

The babysitter immediately set about performing the tasks set out for her. Alan was ecstatic to see her. He remembered her from the Christmas break and how much fun he had had with her. He was jumping up and down with excitement. She calmed him down and then helped Alan to get ready for school. She ensured that he had his breakfast before she took him to school. When she returned back after dropping Alan at school, she made sure that all of Alan’s things were tidy and his clothes clean and neatly put away in the cupboards. She helped the maid in the kitchen and then sat down with Natasha and the maid for their mid-morning coffee and snack. The maid and the babysitter discussed their work. The babysitter said that it was not an easy job to be a babysitter in Dubai. Some kids, like Alan, were nice and well-behaved, while others were extremely rude and ill-mannered. They treated her with disrespect and would often throw temper tantrums and be abusive. Since this is how she earned her living, she had to bear with the nuisance.

By the time they finished their coffee, it was time for the babysitter to go and pick up Alan. So she left and returned back soon holding Alan’s hand as she entered the house. Looking at the two of them and the happy smile on Alan’s face, Natasha couldn’t have been happier about her decision of hiring a babysitter.

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