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Chronicles of a working woman – 10: Busy Week at Work Before Christmas, Babysitter Takes Care of Alan

The holiday season is on but there is much to do at work. Natasha needs a babysitter in Dubai. helps her.

Lot of Work To Complete

It is early December and the holiday season is on. The Malls are decorated for Christmas and there are shopping discounts everywhere. But both Natasha and Jason have little time to prepare for the holiday or take advantage of the great discounts and buy Christmas gifts. They are both inundated with work. It is always the same before any big holiday season. The work demand suddenly increases and there is a lot to complete before they can relax and enjoy the festivities. They have little time to spend with Alan. But they always make arrangements so he is not alone.

Alan Feels Neglected

Child care in Dubai is fairly easy to find. There are many centers for child care in Dubai. Natasha had enrolled Alan in one such daycare center. Normally, Natasha and Jason take turns to pick up Alan from his school and drop him at the childcare center. But, it is becoming increasingly difficult for either of them to continue to do so with the work they are supposed to complete every day. Though the daycare had worked for them so far, Natasha was beginning to realize that it was not the ideal solution. They both had to work overtime and sometimes, they are unable to pick up Alan till well after the closing time for the daycare center. They may have to look for a babysitter. Dubai had great options for babysitting. Alan didn’t like being at the daycare center much. Though the center provided the best childcare in Dubai, it still left something to be desired. There were 25 children and 4 attendants. The attendants had their hands full with the children. They really could not monitor every child all the time. Some of the children there were rowdy and rough, Alan was a quiet child and he got picked upon. Natasha often found him crying when she went to pick him up. Though Natasha wants Alan to be at home, the work pressure and her job is such that she cannot really see how she can make it work.

A Warning and Some Deep Thinking

One day when Natasha went to pick up Alan, it was well after the closing time. She had had a hard day at work with a deadline to meet for an important project, she had been unable to get away. She called Jason only to find that he was in a meeting and could not get away to pick up Alan till later in the evening. Natasha finished the work as fast as she could and rushed to pick up Alan. The daycare normally closed around 5.00 pm but since it was a busy time of the year and all the parents were working overtime, they had extended their working time by an hour. By the time Natasha reached the day care, it was well past 6.00 pm and nearly 7.00 pm. All the other children had left long back and only Alan was left there with the supervisor of the center. Alan had obviously been crying and the supervisor had a hard time trying to console him. When she saw Natasha coming in so late, the supervisor was very annoyed. She warned Natasha that if she did not pick up Alan by the normal closing time in future, they would have to ask her to take Alan somewhere else. This had been the third time that week that Alan had been left at the center after closing time. Natasha was very apologetic and tried to explain the situation to the Supervisor, but she was not very sympathetic to Natasha’s predicament. She then told Natasha that Alan would be better off at home with a babysitter than in the daycare. That was food for thought for Natasha. She had not seriously considered the option of a babysitter in Dubai. She took Alan home and picked up packed dinner on the way. It was too late to cook anything. Though she hated feeding Alan takeout food, there was little she could do that night. When Natasha and Alan reached home, it was well past Alan’s bed time. Natasha fed Alan and then put him into bed. She was extremely tired and decided to take a long bath. As she soaked in the bath, she considered her options. Finding a babysitter in Dubai was extremely easy and she realized that she should have already hired one. When Jason arrived, Natasha told him what had happened at the daycare and the warning that she had been issued. They talk about the matter. Both Jason and Natasha were neck deep in work and could not leave early or take off to take care of Alan. After much thinking, they decide to consider the supervisor’s suggestion and get a babysitter for Alan. Jason suggests that they book a babysitter online yet again. Since it was the weekend, Natasha decided to do it immediately so she could supervise the babysitter and explain Alan’s routine to her. Comes to The Rescue Again

Natasha had used before to look for domestic help and babysitter in Dubai. So she again went to the website of the domestic help services aggregator to search for a suitable babysitting or nanny service. had many agencies listed that offered services of babysitter in Dubai. Natasha began to look for a service that offered a babysitter for the timings that she required. She only wanted to have a babysitter part time as Alan was at school in the morning. The babysitter would have to collect Alan from school and take care of him till she or Jason returned back from work. She wanted a babysitter who would cook and feed Alan too.

She keyed in her requirements and was presented a list of services to choose from. She picked one up after comparing prices and the feedback given by other clients. She knew it was easy to book a babysitter online with It did not take her more than a few minutes to complete the process.

Once she had booked the babysitter, she relaxed and prepared a list of things that she required the babysitter to do. She also wrote down Alan’s routine so that there would be no confusion the following day when the babysitter showed up.

A little Confusion But Things Get Sorted

The next day the babysitter arrived promptly on time. Much to Natasha’s chagrin, she could not speak English very well. Her heavy accent made it difficult for Natasha to understand her properly. She knew the babysitter would not work for Alan at all. So she contacted the service again to explain the problem and get another babysitter. Since she had failed to mention that she required an English speaking babysitter, the agency had sent her the best one available. They assured her that they had many English speaking Babysitters in Dubai and would send her one as soon as possible. Much to Natasha’s relief, the new babysitter arrived within the hour. She could speak English well and could communicate with Alan beautifully. Natasha handed her the list of things to do and explained Alan’s routine to her. The babysitter went over the list carefully and asked a few questions to clarify a couple of points. She then set about acquainting herself with the house and befriending Alan.

No Longer Worried About Alan

With the babysitter looking after Alan, Natasha and Jason do not have to leave work to pick him up from school or the child care center. They can relax and concentrate on their work. They can return home late at night and know that Alan has been well looked after. Alan too is happy to be back home after school and not being bullied by the children in the day care center. He is very fond of his babysitter who makes sure to pick him up on time and spend time with him. She cooks for him and feeds him. Natasha can finally concentrate on preparing for Christmas too. It is getting close and she hasn’t had any time to buy gifts or decorations for the house. Now with the babysitter looking after Alan, she can visit the shops and Malls after work and pick out presents for everyone in the family.

A Little Celebration

On the last day of work before the Christmas Holidays begin, Natasha and Jason meet to pick out presents for Alan. They choose a remote car and several articles of clothing for him. Natasha wants to share the festivities with the babysitter too. So she picks out a large handbag for her and has it gift wrapped. They, then, decide to make a night out of it and go out for dinner together. Since they know that the babysitter would be at home taking care of Alan, they can relax and share quality time with each other. Dinner over they head back home. It is late, but there is no need to worry as the babysitter is at home and Alan is well cared for. They reach home and relieve the babysitter. Natasha hands over the package with the bag to the babysitter, as she is preparing to leave. Natasha thanks her for taking such good care of Alan and wishes her a very Merry Christmas. The Babysitter is extremely grateful at the thoughtfulness of the gift and thanks Natasha for her kindness before taking her leave.

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