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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- Chapter 7: The babysitter to the rescue

All was going smooth in Natasha’s life, until one day her son fell ill and she couldn’t go to meet him.

The smart maid

Natasha was so relieved that the drain bugs had left her home completely and were nowhere to be found again. She was worried about their re- occurrence but that only time could tell and she could not predict whether they would occur again or not. She was thankful to her maid who knew how to get rid of these drain flies else it would become a daunting task for Natasha. She kept on telling her neighbors about how helpful and how knowledgeable her maid is and that how helped her in finding her current maid. All her neighbors had nothing but the words of praise for Natasha’s maid and the maid became popular as the ‘smart maid’ in this particular society of Dubai where Natasha lived.

One normal day…

It was just another normal day for Natasha and her family when all of them began their morning chores and started getting ready for their places of interest/ learning. Her son was having his breakfast after getting ready for school when Natasha noticed that he looked tired and did not eat properly. She asked her son if he is feeling alright and became carefree when he told her that he was tired from the last evening’s play where he played for 2 hours more than usual. Natasha did not worry much and thought that it is just the tiredness and will go away as the day progresses. She then dropped her son in the school bus and got engrossed in other tasks for the day. She was getting ready when her husband told her that he would be coming late tonight as he had some partners visiting his office today and that he would be involved in back to back meetings with them.

It was going to be a hectic day for Natasha as well, as she had an important training which she could not skip and also few meetings with the leadership that have been pending from a long time now. So it will be a long day for both she and her husband and hence, she decided to book a babysitter for her son who would be taking care of him after he comes home. She immediately booked a babysitter through and asked the babysitter to come home by 4 PM in the evening.

Hectic day in the office…

It was one of those days in office when Natasha had no free time at all. She was constantly engaged in something or the other and could not even go to the cafeteria to have a cup of coffee. The training was quite intense and demanded her full attention. She could not even call up her husband once as she was so occupied during the day. As soon as the training finished, the meeting with the leadership began. There were a plethora of discussion points and the meeting seemed to continue forever. Natasha was the one presenting all the details of her current project to the leadership and hence, was of pivotal importance in the meeting. It was her chance to showcase her entire work to the higher partners and get rewarded for it.

The leadership seemed to be quite happy with her work and that is what kept on motivating her to continue the meeting. While they were having a mini coffee break, Natasha got a call from her son’s school teacher informing her about her son’s illness. He had a high fever and the teacher wanted Natasha to come as early as possible and pick him up. Natasha was in a situation where she could not leave her office and tried to call her husband. Even her husband was also sailing in the same boat and could not leave his office until next few hours. Natasha got worried and tensed about her son but soon the thought of babysitter came to her mind. She had asked the babysitter to come at 4 PM and it was already 3 PM. She thought of calling the babysitter an hour earlier. She immediately called the babysitter and asked her to check in an hour earlier and also told her about the entire situation. She also asked the babysitter to pick her son up from the school and to give her proper medication for fever. The babysitter readily agreed as per Natasha’s asks and comforted her that she will take care of her son till the time she is back home and that she should not worry anymore. Natasha asked the babysitter to keep her informed of all the happenings and also to update her when she reaches the school and meets her son.

The babysitter’s sincere efforts

The babysitter immediately rushed to the school of Natasha’s son and asked for him. She checked his fever and found it to be quite high. She took him to the house and gave him the medicine for fever and fed him with some warm milk. She then put the son to sleep but kept on monitoring his fever after every short interval. She even soaked cloth in ice cold water and put it on his head to bring the temperature of the body down. She had given him turmeric milk and was sure that it will give him some relief from the body pain. Natasha’s son slept for a while and when he had woken up, the temperature was a little down. The babysitter asked him to rest and even played with him to distract his mind. She did not want him to keep on feeling sick and hence, tried diverting his mind by playing the game of his choice. Natasha’s son for once forgot that he had fever and was engrossed in playing the games. The babysitter kept on applying cold water cloth every now and then and also gave him the medicines on time.

It was 8 in the evening and Natasha was starting back for her home. She felt extremely guilty of not being with her son when he was not well. She could not help but feel bad about it. Although she made sure to keep on taking updates on his health from the babysitter but she would not be carefree till the time she sees her son with her own eyes. The moment she reached home she rushed towards her son and hugged him tight. She realized that his fever had come down and he was comparatively better than afternoon. She inquired about the medicines that the babysitter had given him and was quite satisfied by the treatment that the babysitter had given him and also with the kind of care that she provided her son with.

A word of thanks

Natasha was extremely grateful to the babysitter to be of so much help when Natasha could not do anything. Being in Dubai, it is very difficult to find such helping people who would give her son the kind of care that she herself would try to give. She was extremely thankful because the babysitter had treated his son like her own son and had taken such good care of him. She was so happy with the babysitter that tears rolled down her eyes when she said thanks to her. She knew that no words could thank the babysitter enough for what she had done today. The babysitter had not let her son feel the absence of his mother and no one can do it without putting in sincere and selfless efforts. The babysitter was also extremely happy because her work was recognized and appreciated by her employers. Meanwhile Natasha's husband came who was equally worried about his son and was only relived when he saw his son for himself. When Natasha told her about the babysitter’s efforts, he also felt extremely grateful to the babysitter and thanked her in person. Both Natasha and her husband had developed a fondness for the babysitter and were extremely happy to have found her. Given the fast paced lives in Dubai, they knew that they can not be around their son for every minute but now they knew where to look for and whom to contact in case of such an emergency or when they want a babysitter.

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