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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- Chapter 5: Dubai dreamy weekend...thanks to the Babysitter

Now that the maid issue is resolved, it was time to celebrate Natasha’s promotion.

The Weekend Plan…

It had been a while that Natasha and her husband had spent a relaxing weekend together alone. Before their son was born, they used to go every weekend to some place or the other and spend quality time together. Now all they do is go to the latest amusement parks or watch an animated movie or go to game zones where their son could enjoy. Since it was such a life changing event for Natasha, her husband wanted her to take a weekend off and hence, he decided to plan a surprise for her, a weekend full of relaxation like the old times. Now that Natasha’s husband has an idea he wanted to make it a perfect weekend for Natasha. Firstly he needed to think of a place where they would go and spend their weekend. He browsed through a list of all the luxury hotels in Dubai and finally shortlisted one out of those. He immediately called up the reception and made their booking for the weekend. The luxury hotel had a spa and an infinity pool and Natasha’s husband knew how happy she would be in the hotel. He could not wait to take her out on the weekend to the hotel.

The course of activities...

Another important thing which Natasha’s husband wanted to do for her was take her out for all the things that she loves. It has been a while that Natasha had bought something new for her and hence, shopping was definitely on the cards. He wanted to see the shine in her eyes when she buys things. Thinking about her big bright shiny eyes made him happy. The next thing that he had planned was to take her for the latest movie show. Natasha has always been a big movie buff but from last few months she was concentrating more on her office and did not really get any chance to go to a movie show. But this weekend he would take her to one, he thought.

The next surprise would be to take her to a fancy restaurant for a date. Natasha is fond of places which have high quality food and play soft music in the background. And he definitely knew her favorite food joint. He did not even take a moment to get a table booked by the pool side, for the coming Saturday. Now the only thing left was to buy a special present for her which according to him was the most difficult task. After knowing Natasha for so many years, even though he knew in and out of her but finding a correct present according to the occasion has always been a tormenting task for him. But nonetheless he would ace in this also, he thought.

The perfect present…

And so began the hunt for the perfect present for the most special lady for him on her most special day. He went to different stores selling clothes, shoes, bags etc. At first he thought he would buy her a new gown but did not find anything worth purchasing. Then he moved on the stores selling hand bags but again did not like anything. Finally he decided that he would be giving her a neck piece and hence went to the jewellery store. He asked the store manager to show him the most exquisite neck piece and in no time he had made his decision. It was a string of black original pearls with an emerald pendant. The size of the pearls was neither too small and nor too big, just the way Natasha would like, he thought. Natasha had quite an elegant taste when it comes to accessories and her husband very well knew that and did not want to gift her something which was flashy and hence, chose a simple pearl string.

Everything has now been properly planned. The venue, the movie, the dinner date and the present. But there was one thing which did not cross his mind until this moment and that is where will they keep her son. But in no time Natasha’s husband had a solution for the problem and the solution was He immediately booked a babysitter service for Saturday and soon his booking was confirmed. And now he could relax because everything has been perfectly planned.

The Surprise Weekend begins…

Early in the morning Natasha’s husband asked her to get ready. Natasha had not expected any such thing and that too on a Saturday morning where she wanted to sleep a little extra, but as instructed by her husband got ready in no time. Soon they were out and it was only when they had reached the venue that Natasha’s husband told her that they would be spending the entire day in this hotel. Natasha got the surprise of her life because it was least expected from his husband that he would do such a deep planning and book such a relaxing place. Her happiness knew no bounds and her husband could easily see that on her face.

When they reached their room, both of them were awe struck by the beauty of the room. The view from the balcony was stupendous. Even the interiors were magnificent. As soon as they entered the room, they saw a spa appointment notice on the bed and it took no time for Natasha to figure out that her loving husband has booked a spa session for her. Her husband asked her to go and come back soon as more surprises await her. Natasha quickly went to the desired area and during the entire session kept on thinking how lucky she is to have such a loving husband. After she came back, both of them headed for the movie show.

While they were on their way, Natasha called the babysitter to take update on how her son was doing and was completely assured by talking to her son who was enjoying just as the way she was. She became carefree from the babysitter’s side and was convinced that she would take good care of her son. The movie was brilliant and Natasha enjoyed the show a lot. Post the movie, her husband took her out for shopping where she bought a huge number of things for all the members of the family and after this they returned back to their room. Just when she thought the surprises were over, her husband asked her to dress up and that they were going out for dinner. Natasha had never been swept off her feet but today she was being enchanted by the charms of her husband every now and then. She quickly dressed up and both of them headed out to her favorite restaurant. They ordered her favorite food and her favorite wine. They even danced on the music and Natasha felt as if she had again fallen in love with her husband.

The last Surprise…

After their dinner when they came back to the hotel room, Natasha thanked her husband for giving her such a lovely day and that she would never forget the day. While she was about to hug her husband, he took out another present for her. Now this was totally unbelievable for Natasha that after so many surprises and a memorable day, her husband still has something more for her. She could not wait to see what is inside the box and as soon as her husband gave her the present she wanted to open it. She saw the gift and was completely spell-bound by how beautiful the necklace was. It was totally according to her taste and she immediately wore it to see how it looked on her. It was just perfect for her. Natasha was on top of her world now. She felt as if she was living a dream and that the entire day just could not be real. Right from the hotel room to the movie to the dinner to the present, everything was just too perfect. She could not thank her husband enough for treating her in such a special manner. All she could think was how gracious God has been to bless her with such a caring husband who would go out of his way to make her feel special. And as far as Natasha is concerned, she felt as if she is the most special woman alive on the planet.

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