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Special needs nanny in Dubai – The basics

Providing nanny services in Dubai for children who have special needs can be quite a fulfilling experience.

Children are what we love and cherish the most in life. They are the ones for whom we work hard and keep it rolling each and every day. It is who makes us better people at the end of the day. Children with special needs are children above all so if we understand the exceptionality in the special need and do our best to adapt and make appropriate accommodations to support learning his or her and development, our parenting or babysitting service experience shall be much more exciting and worthwhile.

Nevertheless, for us parents, raising a child with special needs is pretty much an around-the-clock effort. Families who have children with special needs often battle rather different challenges compared to other families. They do develop a dynamic support system ensuring that everyone is well cared for, appreciated, challenged, valued and loved. Leading a successful and private and professional life as well in such a dynamic place as Dubai is definitely not easy. And when you just add the variable of having a child with special needs, that task can become even more troubled. Thus, many families turn to booking a babysitter service to assist them in their endeavour. Yet, rest assured, and you can ask any parent you want, but the only answer you will get is that finding a great babysitter in Dubai isn't just a walk in the park or simple to say the least. Also, a live in nanny may be really expensive.

Therefore, many parents reach out to all possible ways of finding a credible person who will take proper care of their loved one. One popular way is, the leading service aggregator in the UAE, which offers a great platform where you can find good info, comments, answers to your questions and book a babysitter online without much hassle.

Skills set needed for a special needs nanny in Dubai

First things first, a nanny who needs to take care of a child with special needs will be expected to possess and present a certain set of skills essential for ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of the child. The following are the crucial ones:

First aid and primary care These skills are imperative not only for nannies, but for everyone who works or deals with differently abled kids. Most families will appreciate and expect expect this from their full or part time nannies. All kids are pretty prone to accidents and parents are not able to watch everything through the baby monitor, therefore, nannies should be well educated on the best ways, techniques and approaches to protect and react in such emergent and even developing situations. It is vital for such situations to be dealt with calmly and responsibly.

Partnership and open communication Many children with special needs need physical and behavioural therapies as well. Professional nannies should be able to work together and regularly communicate with other involved professionals and discuss all important aspects with the parents. A proactive, devoted and compassionate nanny is a pillar of support both for the kids and the parents.

Compassionate A good special needs nanny will not just work to fulfil the basic duties, they will also offer more compassion, love, and support for their charges. These children often are more vulnerable than other children especially in in social interactions or in navigating relationships with other kids of their age, so an excellent nanny should give her best to develop a close and supportive relationship with so kids can feel supported and encouraged throughout any situation, particularly during their early childhood.

Patience Our children often go over limits and test our patience because they are high-energy and full of curiosity, and simply want more and more and more. Still, sometimes children with special needs will push the limits of patience in a totally different way and due to a completely different reason, which they cannot control. In such cases, the nanny must be show patience and compassion in dealing with the child’s behaviour and work closely and together with the parents and assigned therapists to support and help the child.

Professional qualifications and certificates Children with special needs often are set to a quite rigid schedule or have defined requirements or needs. For some of them, professional training is required for professionals who are helping, assisting or caring for the child. These courses can develop not only the skills of the nanny but her specific knowledge in some areas which will help her to provide suitable childcare. The babysitter should act as a support for child development both in physical and emotional sense and to track their developmental milestones. There is a lot of information on how various aspects of the child care can be done, upgraded or improved. Many people who are dealing or working within this field share their experiences on popular services booking hotspots in the UAE such as Parents can use this credible content and learn a lot from people who are most often in their own shoes.

Nutrition and diet plans Some children may be in need of specific, dosed, precisely prepared and consistent diet plans. The nanny is responsible for dealing with the nutrition of the child and a good understanding of the nutritional levels and specific nutrition requirements of children with special needs also helps for following a prescribed diet plan.

Knowledge in specific disabilities Some child care professionals have specific knowledge that focuses on autism, ADHD, and dyslexia respectively. Parents need nannies who possess knowledge and understanding of the specific situation, and how to manage the kids with these different needs. With the right knowledge, the nanny will be much better equipped with the know-how on specific situation, needs and disabilities and effectually support their growth.

What to do before you hire

1. Don’t keep the special needs of your child a secret When hiring, be positive and accurate about what you’re asking for. You need a person with the set of skills, willingness and temperament to care for your child – not just a person who wants to get a job. The list containing your child’s special needs should focus on those special skills.

2. Enforce an extensive screening process Conduct the interview in person and tailor the questions based on the particular needs of your loved one. Focus both on her experience but also on her willingness and readiness in working with your child.

Examine every reference provided and ask plenty of questions - you can learn a lot only by the answers you get. Background checks and other screening resources should be definitely considered as well.

3. Trust your gut The sitter plays a huge role and represents an important person in your child’s life. Don’t settle with a person that you do not feel comfortable with. If you end up with the wrong person, you will have to do this entire process all over again and risk disrupting your child’s routine.

4. Provide thorough instructions It is crucial for parents to provide the nanny with thorough information on how they envision for best care for a child with special needs to be provided. You can never provide too much information in these cases.

5. Be prepared to provide extra training Provide the nanny extra training and be sure to pay her for that time. Specialty training, such as First Aid or CPR, gives you an additional peace of mind when you leave for the day and you will know that in worst case scenarios you have person you can count on.

6. Be prepare to pay more Specialty care costs more. This not limited to Dubai but is true for all over the world. Special needs caregivers are always in high demand due to their uniqueness and more limited availability. You should be prepared to correct your rate based on the duties which are additional to standard child care.

7. Plan for medical or behavioural emergencies Inform the babysitter what to do when your child has behavioural or medical issues that are sometimes uncontrollable. An emergency contact who knows a way how to handle the condition is an invaluable resource. Make sure this emergency contact has availability to come by at a moment’s notice. You may want to list more people in case someone is not reachable. Provide her with non-emergency contacts as well, such as grandparents, your child’s paediatrician, other family members, and friends.

Finally, be sure to not to rush in and speed up with the process. Both in the hiring and in the working phase, be sure to make things by the book and foster open communication, mutual understanding and respect. This will serve your child’s health and safety and his specific needs above all.

Share your experience and comments on and be of help to someone else who is dealing with similar issues. Check for ideas and find possible candidates and easily book your nanny from the comfort of your home.

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