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Nanny in Dubai – Smart babysitting for your baby

Trusting a nanny in Dubai to take care of your kid is hard, yet finding a reliable one is much harder.

It can turn into a scary task trying here in bustling Dubai to stay informed or alert of what your children are up to, especially if busy in the office, like most of us here, both expats and locals. Many of you probably looked for numerous options and thought of babysitters for years, but not everyone is certain when is the right moment to take the nanny off speed dial and let the little ones off on their own. For most parents, I know it’s a rather scary thought. The good side is that due to creative technological solutions, it’s easier than ever to stay connected to your kids, even if you’re out and about examining the Amazon.

It is unfortunately rather true that many parents in Dubai are now facing the challenge how to find a safe, reliable and qualified nanny for their loved ones while keeping the schedule and their vision of raising a child active. We all agree that it is not only getting the child quiet and happy, it is about going in accordance to a schedule, habits and routines that the parents have set as well.

So, you’ve done your research — talked to parent friends, scrutinised the comments on popular sites such as, which is the most-famous services aggregator in the region where you can find credible content posted by people in your shoes and use their services to book a babysitting service or opt in for nanny services. You probably even spent hours watching video clips, reading analyses, held thorough interviews, discussed reviews. On another note, maybe you found yourself tied up a last-minute babysitting knot and hired your colleague’s sitter out of pure no-way-out, and then she turned into your regular babysitter in Dubai.

Whatever the occasion or the way a childcare provider became part of your life, it’s pretty normal to be nervous or even strangely excited when leaving your child in the hands of any other person other than yourself. We’ve all been there as parents. Luckily, we are not on an isolated island and there are ways we can overcome this and achieve peace of mind.

How to maintain parental presence and act as nanny regulator

There are many options currently available to foster parental presence wherever you are – even if you’re just watching TV in the room next door. Smart home features are more and more frequently utilized to monitor your kids. In fact, the babysitting focused smart services is a term being promoted and vocalized around quite a bit recently. Nevertheless, with innovative technologies getting up under the spotlight all the time, it’s important to understand the best use for these devices.

The smart home revolution is altering the way we do almost everything and luckily, smart home advances and Internet of Things breakthroughs have made being a parent and solving baby monitor issues a little simpler too. You can even schedule your pots and pans to go under a deep clean in the dishwasher, all from the comfort of your current position and through your smart phone. In this regard, even Google has started patenting babysitting services intended to give parents peace of mind remotely by notifying them when their kid is left unaccompanied in the room.

However, in a busy day, no one wants to spend the time controlling what the kid does all they long and parents prefer establishing a trusting relation with the nanny so they can have their peace of mind. The best way to establish this relation is to trust the person you employed while at the same time provide clear instructions on how you want your child to be brought up and cared for. spearheading in smart services

Probably the best example of the integration of all the above is the services aggregator and their smart app. This is the most popular site in the GCC for booking a service of any kind and booking a babysitter in Dubai is one of their most popular tools. They have become so popular through the integration of smart services and credible content into everyday challenges ordinary people face. So, by providing smart solutions for parents they assist in child development and support the health and safety of young ones.

The smart app is really straight-forward, and it gets you to choose the service you need, the duration, location, frequency and number of people needed. All of this by providing open-competition marketplace for nanny services companies or part-time nannies to promote their services. On the other hand, it stands behind a trustworthy babysitting by providing credible and filtered reviews, comments and reliable information in cooperation with partner companies.

For busy parents in the UAE, with kids in their early childhood, this modern, cashless and smart approach offers fast and practical tool to plan the children’s day in three clicks. You just need to set the parameters, as well as the time, date, agency or provider, set the number of kids to be cared for, even choose the nationality of the nanny, set some additional tasks or provide guidelines, set the address and make the payment. Voila, you are all set. Parents can control when the nanny checked-in, how long she stayed and when she checked-out, and they can even specify some tasks for the nanny through the mobile app and get a notification when they are done.

Do your homework before employing a nanny

Regardless of the technological solutions and smart services offered, the most crucial part of having a peace of mind when hiring part time nannies or booking a babysitting service company in Dubai, is doing a background check, leading the way, setting up rules, praise and start establishing a connection.

Even if you bump into a professional nanny that you really like and trust, do a background check. Regrettably, humans are, more than often, very poor judges of character and fall for someone’s’ charm or sweet words and overlook a possible shady background. A background check will provide you with the peace of mind you initially needed. Another aspect you should definitely check is your potential babysitter’s social media profiles. People regularly put information about themselves much more on social media and you can discover info that you may not be able to learn with an interview or even a regular background check. You can detect the personalities of the nanny candidate from social media posts or content. Thus, you can obtain information whether this prospective nanny is suitable for being a safe person or not.

You definitely should conduct an interview whether live or online when get to the point of having a narrowed down list of potential choices. An interview with you and your partner will allow you to assess your applicants and choose the best nanny basing your decision on experience rather than your personal emotions.

Be sure to introduce the nanny to your children and see if they are getting along well. The best way to do this is to see how they are doing alone and observe them when they play. You can also conduct a trial run and arrange a short trial period to make sure that this person can handle your kids and can meet your requirements.

Experts and parents alike agree that it is quite beneficial to have your nanny shadowing you during your regular daily routine with your loved ones. By doing so, she gets exposed to how you would like her to take care of the kids. Start with small steps and begin leaving your baby with your nanny for short periods of time and gradually increase the time. This will help both your child and nanny create a bond and get use to each other without your presence.

Finally, you should also reward good performance whenever possible. This may simply be praise and letting the nanny know she is doing a great job will help you shape a stronger relationship with them and will make her a more dedicated nanny as well. Financial incentives are always an option as well.

Establish and open line of communication, give your best to create an environment in which you and your nanny can discuss any arising issues openly. Moreover, encourage her to feel comfortable telling you about any issues she had as well.

In any case, be sure not to jump over conclusions. Sometimes our loved ones are not the loving angels we think they are. This is an ongoing process and it requires readiness and a portion of sacrifices from both sides. Finally, share your experience and thoughts on popular spots such as and get an added value to the platform by helping other people in the region find their preferred nannies and not worry about the health and safety of their loved ones.

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