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Qualities and Skills essential for a good babysitter in Dubai

Children are our most precious gifts. Don’t just hire any person to babysit them. Look for someone special.

Children need to be cared for properly, they require a lot of love and care. They also need a lot of supervision and personal attention from a devoted adult to help them become good and responsible citizens. Working parents or single parents who have to work as well as provide for their children find it difficult to devote time to their children. Juggling home along with a career is not an easy task and when you add children to the equation, it becomes even more complicated.

Get a Babysitter in Dubai: Arguments in Support

Working or single parents are often faced with the problem of where to leave the children and with whom? Crèche is not always an option for all of us. Some children do not fare very well in a crèche. For very young children, personal care like that from a close relative or a friend is preferable. But in Dubai, that may not be possible for everyone. People come from all over the world to work and live in Dubai. Most of these people are single family units, where there is no other relative or family member to take care of the children. For such parents, looking for child care in Dubai becomes a priority. This may involve employing a Nanny or a babysitter.

Dubai has a large workforce which provides all kinds of domestic services to people who need it. There are several agencies where you can get a babysitter. If you need to compare babysitter prices in Dubai, you can look at, a list site for domestic service agencies in Dubai, where you can search for and book a babysitter online easily and quickly.

Qualities of a Good Nanny or Babysitter

You don’t just hire anyone who first comes to you offering their services. Not everyone is capable of looking after children properly, especially younger children and babies. We at have already done a blog post on Babysitting for New-borns and Infants where we have discussed the peculiar problems that arise when taking care of very young children. Hence, not everyone can be employed to take care of your precious children. You need someone who is qualified and capable of handling the job, mentally and physically. Babysitting children involves many different tasks including:

  • Feeding
  • Changing
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Meal Preparation
  • Guidance and Behaviour Training
  • Supervising Play and School Work
  • Safety of the Children and House

A good babysitter or nanny has to have certain skills to enable them to take care of your children properly and carry out all the tasks that she is entrusted with. Without proper skills, it may not be possible to care for your children the way they should be. Here is a list of skills that are most desirable in a Nanny or a Babysitter:

  • Educated: It is essential that the babysitter you hire is educated and literate. She will have to supervise the children’s homework and help to teach or read to them when necessary. An illiterate nanny will not be able to do that and your child will suffer as a consequence.
  • Training: A person with a certificate in babysitting and Nanny course already knows what is expected from the job and is prepared to pursue this as a profession. The seriousness of intent is demonstrated by taking the course to prepare herself. Though a certificate/diploma or formal education in the field is not essential, it does add a plus point.
  • Understanding of Child Development: A good babysitter or nanny should be able to provide the children she is caring for, an age appropriate experience. She should know about the various stages and landmarks of child development and be able to handle the child according to his/her age.
  • Basic First Aid: Any Nanny or Babysitter must have basic knowledge of first aid so they can administer to the many emergencies, major or minor, that may befall children. From swallowing small objects like a coin or a toy to injuring themselves seriously while playing, children are never too far from accidents. A person trained in first aid will be able to help and stabilize the child till medical aid arrives. The difference between knowing and not knowing first aid could be the difference between life and death of your child.
  • Prior Experience: Prior experience with babysitting children similar in age to yours is a desirable skill, but not an essential one. An experienced Nanny who comes with good recommendations from former employers is an asset as she already knows how to handle children and look after them properly.
  • Reliability: A good Nanny has to be reliable. She needs to arrive on time and not take off without informing. She should give ample warning if she is planning to take a day off so you can make other arrangements. You should be able to depend upon her to take care of your child.
  • Trustworthy: You cannot hire a person you do not trust. This is an essential requirement for a Babysitter. They have to be trusted with not just your children, but also with your home and belongings. They should not have a criminal record or be overly inquisitive about you or your possessions or house. They need to be completely above board for you to employ them. You should be able to trust them to take care of your children well.
  • Flexibility: A babysitter should be flexible enough to adjust her timings according to your schedule. She should be able to come early or stay back late if required. If this flexibility is not there, then you may face problems.
  • Energetic and Healthy: Taking care of children is not an easy task. They have a lot of energy and require a person who can match that energy level. Also, children may catch infections very easily. Hence, it is important that a Babysitter is healthy and does not have any contagious diseases. An energetic and healthy person will be able to take care of your children much better.
  • Confident: Children are a very good judge of a person. They are observant and can know when they can take advantage of a person. A confident babysitter will be sure of herself and know what to do to discipline and keep children under control. She will not be swayed by their antics.
  • Competent: A competent person will always get a job done properly and on time. Competence in a babysitter is a desirable skill as they will be able to take over the responsibility of taking care of the children from you and do a good job of it.
  • Professional: She should have a professional attitude so she can get all the required information about your children and their requirements from you before she commences work. She should be friendly but not overly familiar with you.
  • Love Children: This is one of the primary requirements of a babysitter or a Nanny. She must love children, enjoy being with them and entertaining them. Only if she is a children’s person will she be able to care for your children wholeheartedly and love her job enough to give it her best. Patience: This is a quality that cannot be overlooked, ever. Childcare requires a lot of patience and determination. Children can wear anyone down, and when it comes to a person other than the parents, patience is essential.
  • Cheerful : Children enjoy being with happy and cheerful people. Sullen people make them wary and scared. Make sure the babysitter you hire has a cheerful and outgoing demeanour.
  • Creative: Children require a lot of different activities to keep them occupied and prevent boredom. A babysitter who can creatively utilize her time to constructively occupy the children’s time is a big asset. She should be able to devise activities and games to prevent boredom or destructive activities. You do not want your children to mindlessly watch TV or play video/computer games all day long.
  • Communicative: Communication is an essential requirement from any domestic help. When it comes to taking care of children it is indispensable. The babysitter has to be able to communicate not only with the children but also with you so she can give you essential information about your children their progress and activities during the day.
  • Safety Awareness: Since you will be entrusting your home and your baby to the Babysitter, she has to be aware of safety rules. She should take all precautions to ensure that your children, your home and property are completely safe and secure under her supervision. She should never undermine security under any circumstance.
  • Considerate and Sensitive: A babysitter has to be able to put a child’s demands and needs before her own. She should be sensitive enough to the moods of the children and instead of imposing her wish upon them have a consideration for what the child would like to do.

Before You Hire A Babysitter in Dubai

The health and safety of our children depends upon the person taking care of them, so choose your babysitter wisely. It is best to hire your babysitter from a registered agency who will take responsibility for the person they are sending. This is to ensure that the babysitter is duly vetted and a background check has been made by a competent authority to verify the person. To look for a reliable agency for babysitters and Dubai, one of the best resources is Visit the site today to pick the best babysitters and domestic helps available in your area.

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