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Looking for a live-out nanny in Dubai? Search no more!

As the traditional nanny/parent relationship evolves — live out nanny services are becoming more common.

In the current scenario in a bustling city as Dubai when both parents are busy in the office, booking nanny services has become imperative for many families who need their children to be well taken care of at home. Following the global trend, going through this need of working parents, the demand for professional babysitting service in the UAE is on the rise as in many other parts of the world.

What is a live-out nanny?

A live-out nanny refers to a person whose speciality is offering childcare for your loved ones. Unlike live-in nannies who permanently live in your apartment, a live-out nanny comes to your home to take care of your children during pre-arranged working hours. As a nanny, her job is to ensure that your children have the necessary emotional, behavioural and educational support in every aspect of child development. As such, it encompasses almost everything connected with play, friendship, indoor and outdoor activities, up to providing meals, taking care of clothing and appearance and general health and safety.

Basically, you can hire a babysitter in Dubai for specified hours of the day, at periods and time more convenient for you to do so and when there is no one to look after your loved ones. The main focus of part time nannies is to spend the fixed time while they are in your home to look after the everyday peculiar needs and wants of your children especially concerning dressing, eating and socializing and you as a parent to avoid relying too often on the baby monitor.

Live-out vs. live-in nanny services

A typical live-in nanny can have more than several perks paid and covered as part of the agreement. Accommodation, food, main utilities and a cell phone covered represent only the basic package. On top of that, they also get a weekly allowance for themselves. On the other hand, the family has complete guidance and right to set the schedule as well as full access to the live-in nanny at any given moment during the day for five days a week. They do have days off, but time off can often be fluid and not necessarily consistent.

In regard to live-out nannies, they do not really have living expenses covered and they live off the premises of the employer giving them more freedom and ability to plan the day – thus creating room for the personal lives of everyone involved. They may be reimbursed monthly or hourly, depending on the agreement with the family, and usually end up earning similar to a live-in nanny. It is also usual for live-out nannies to charge for non-childcare responsibilities like dishwashing or general tidying up of the apartment. Although generally meals and accommodation aren’t covered by the employing family and a live-out nanny doesn’t have some perks included in the job position, they can earn a quite decent salary while preserving a more predictable schedule and independent lifestyle.

In any case, every family has a different experience and there are tons of available comments and tips on help4u.today – the main meeting point for services booking in Dubai and the UAE. Feel free to check what other families are looking for, what to be careful about and even easily book a nanny in Dubai with the push of a button and from the convenience of your home.

Why a live-out nanny is a good choice?

A live-out nanny probably is not the magical solution for each and every family situation, however, for many families, the live-out nanny is more than ideal. Here are some of the main reasons why a live-out option is a preferred one:

  • It is a perfect answer to the challenge of how to allow your child to maintain the routine within the home environment rather than opting-in for day care centre.
  • It is an awesome alternative to a live-in nanny. Why? Well, parents can preserve the flexibility of childcare that meets specific and untypical hourly requests, as well as the privacy and freedom of not bumping into the nanny when you’re not at work.
  • Intriguingly enough, they represent a consistent source of ideas and creative approaches when it comes to one-on-one childcare and provide a much-needed individual attention for your child especially in early childhood
  • Generally, live-out nannies are dedicated child care professionals with appropriate qualifications in their portfolio making them competent to do the job they are hired for.

Experience levels of live-out nannies

There are several levels of professional engagement for live-out nannies resulting in diverse amount of experience and professional know-how they possess:

  • Nannies with babysitting experience are usually younger professionals who dedicated a few years to babysitting. This group also covers those with a day-care experience as well.
  • Nannies with families can be defined as a bit more experienced, few years nannies who also earned a great deal of experience through raising their own children.
  • Childcare professionals encompass those who are trained childcare professionals specializing in early childhood education or vocational nanny training.

How to find one in Dubai?

Finding a trustworthy live-out nanny is not a simple walk in the park. From word of mouth to popular web meeting points, there's no lack of ways to find babysitters in Dubai. At help4u.today, the largest services aggregator online in Dubai and the region, you can find only credible content and you can easily book nannies who have the knowledge and know-how suitable for providing top-notch care for your loved ones.

Every parent has its own reasons to hire professional nanny services. Whatever the reason is, it's of utmost importance to have the requirements clear from the start, so you can find your matching nanny without a hassle.

What to be careful about:

  • Understand the needs of your child – Put you child’s needs and preferences first. Take his/her character into consideration before making a decision for the nanny.
  • Analyse or know your expectations from the nanny - Define what you need her to do, how to do it, how far can she go and if there are any limitations involved. Everyone deserves to know the rules.
  • Decide if you need a live-in or a live-out nanny – It is better to understand your requirements and take your budget and available options before choosing one of these options.
  • Inspire a healthy relation between her and your child - your child should never treat the nanny as a domestic worker or an employee. Instead, she should always be respected as part of the family.
  • Discuss your expectations and working conditions with the nanny - try to develop a trustworthy relation with her and foster an emotional and cherished relation between the nanny and your kid.
  • Always do a background check – often many things are not as what they seem. Serious references also work pretty well.

Consider your needs first

The choice you make depends mainly on your requirements. It’s important to be in line with the following factors: Age of your children: Standard babysitters usually come with a certain child care experience. However, early childhood cases require a more focused and specialized approach. Most agencies and babysitters prefer working with kids older than two. If your loved one is younger than that, be sure to either find an experienced nanny with references and background in working with young babies or even opt-in for a registered nurse. Number of children: Taking care of one is not like taking care of three kids, especially in different age groups. If you have a large family and a bunch of kids, then you probably need to think about hiring multiple babysitters (members of family are also a very good idea) to ensure that each kid enjoys the attention they deserve. Highlight your needs ahead of time: Clearly point-out your requirements when booking. Even for small requests, such as heating up food for your children, define it with the nanny so everything can be done as agreed in the beginning. Know how much to pay your sitter- Costs of hiring a babysitter in Dubai range from AED 35-40 per hour. In comparison, registered nurses typically cost between AED 60-80 per hour because of their professional background and expertise. Discounted rates are can be agreed upon if a babysitter is booked on a regular basis. Weekend and overnight nannies charge slightly different rates and they may charge some small additional costs such as transportation.

Finally, be sure to share your thoughts and read some practical guidelines about booking a babysitter in Dubai on help4u.today – the largest aggregator of online service providers. People who are in your shoes, share their stories and discover what are the main things to look after when hiring a nanny. You can also use the platform and directly book your nanny as per your requirements and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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