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Interview the nanny in Dubai - 10 questions

Hiring a nanny as a lending hand to take care of your children will be one of your most important decisions.

Although the majority of families in Dubai decide for such a step, a lot of things need to be taken into consideration beforehand, in addition to the pile of of documents you'll need to make it all by the book.

Many people say that the most crucial aspect of the nanny interviewing process is to see how the nanny interacts with your loved ones, nevertheless, many also advise not to have them present for the duration of the complete interview as they could serve as a distraction from the main purpose – discovering whether the person is the right fit for a babysitter in Dubai which will succeed in providing health and safety for your kids. In addition to this, the repeating introduction to all the candidates will be both confusing and unsettling for the children. So, potential nannies should be interviewed without the children being present or for them to be shortly introduced to the nanny briefly at the end.

In any case, there are a lot of different experiences and it is not easy to find the best approach in this sense. Many people decide to share their comments and experience on, the busiest online services booking website in the UAE. Not only you can read everything there is about the interviewing process, but you can easily search through the nanny in Dubai database, compare the offers and directly book from the convenience of your home.

Interview the nanny – How it goes

Like in every meeting with a person you do not know, especially if they are in your home, the best way to start and the best ice-breaker is to start by telling your story, who you are and what kind of general expectations you have, review the specifics of the position, and emphasize what you are looking for in a nanny. Then, you hand over the ball to the nanny services candidate so she can try and match her experience to your story, so that you can have the final answer and assess the profile. Finally, you can finish up the interviewing process with some additional personal questions regarding the inevitable list of “Musts,” “Pluses” and “Deal-Breakers” to get a clearer sense of who the nanny is personally and professionally. Be practical through the course of the whole conversation and be prepared to take notes, so that you can go over them again later on and assess the pros and cons of each candidate.

Go over your most important expectations

Every parent has certain things which should definitely be mentioned during the babysitting service in the UAE process. The most common ones are:

  • what has worked and not worked well for you in the past so that the candidate has a very clear sense of what are your limits
  • any pre-employment tests that you would like her to do
  • common situations in your household and how to deal with them
  • Reconfirm meeting basic requirements (time, duration, approach, flexibility, communication etc.)
  • Any pre-employment requirements
  • Including cooking, cleaning, and housekeeping. In this type of arrangement
  • Describe the hardest part of the job
  • Pose additional scenarios and ask how the nanny would handle them
  • Bringing their own lunch
  • Requiring uniform or work clothes
  • Having baby monitor present in the room
  • Having reduced hours during Ramadan
  • having public holidays off
  • extra phone card money if you plan to text them regularly during the day

The right 10 questions for the nanny

Would you be able to get a reference from your past employer? - This is an important starter because shows in what terms they parted ways with the previous employer. It is a good way to make a subtle background check while profiling the person. Sometimes, regardless of the reason, part time nannies leave on bad terms with their previous employers so are either reluctant to ask for a reference and try to avoid it or are generally afraid they will get a bad reference.

What kind of employment package she was entitles to? What’s your current salary? What does it include – The standard contract is put in place to protect their rights and responsibilities. Going above it and offering competitive conditions (additional perks, freedom, personal budget etc.) can serve as a great incentive for a particular candidate.

I see you stayed for only short amount of time on your second job. Why was this? - Working as a nanny for such a short period usually means that something was not right, except for a short contractual assignment. For anything else, it would be important for parents to find out what was the cause of this, whether it can happen to them as well or what they need to do differently so they can avoid it. Changing nannies often is not good neither for the kids nor for the relationship building with the parents.

Present me a profile of the worst employer you have dealt with before? – The nanny’s description can speak volumes about the kind of relationship they had, her perspective, job expectations, management skills and might possibly discover why she is or is not the right fit for your family.

Tell me about any of your weaknesses? – Some people are simply not built for certain types of parents. Some perform excellent although the jobs are demanding and engaging but they fail when it comes to interpersonal skills. In other cases, they feel completely isolated without any possibility to have their voice or opinion heard although they are the ones who spend most of the time with the children and know the weak points.

Asking the right questions is never easy because there are no right ones when it comes to the face-to-face interview. However, there are some which can definitely make things easier for both sides in the long run. Popular online booking spots such as serve as an excellent platform where parents can learn a lot about how to interview a nanny. Parents can search through the database, find the person that fits their requirements and directly book it on the spot. They can access the blog and find some practical advises and upgraded ideas for questions from people who are in the same shoes.

What have you learned from your past mistakes? – This is a question that may show a deeper level of self-consciousness of the nanny and how she dealt with normal issues of work. Still maybe the nanny has failed in ensuring results that were initially expected in a certain area. Being aware of them can only make her improve and learn from her mistakes.

What do others say about you? – It is always an intriguing question. It may be used as a good ground for promotion of a person’s qualities rather than faults. A person with a sincere and modest answer may score higher points.

In what aspects are you different from the other applicants for this nanny position? – It is a question which can show how prepared, motivated and willing the nanny is to get this job. Emphasizing the correct strong sides and virtues can serve as a great support when reviewing all candidates at the end and may serve as a crucial aspect in the decision-making phase.

Would you be willing to share some cases of unexpected issues that have come up in your previous jobs and how you and your former employer worked things out? – Being honest and supportive is considered as a positive sign. Problems, issues and challenges shall always arise among kids, nannies and parents. That is a fact. How they are dealt with determines the qualities of the people involved.

Would you be able to manage and deal with children who are difficult to handle? - Some kids can be problematic than others. In most cases, nannies who are ready to go the extra mile and take of more demanding kids are definitely considered a winner during an interview.

Interviewing a babysitter is not a walk in the park, on the contrary, it is process that needs to be completed with full accountability and sincerity. By asking the right questions, parents will get a clearer idea both about the expectations of the babysitter and also their own and whether the babysitter fits into the pre-set needs. With the list of the above questions, and some others available on popular sites such as where you can directly book a nanny, finding a babysitter will be much easier and would definitely help you finding the right fit.

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