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Importance of Babysitters, Carers and Nannies in a Child’s Life

Your child’s carer spends a lot of time with your child, so, it is natural that they have a special bond between them.

Most working mothers do not have enough time to spend with their children and the most important jobs of looking after the children is often left to a hired help, such as a child carer, Nanny or a babysitter. Hence it is not a surprise that the children become more attached to the Nanny or the carer.

Such mothers often find that their children are very attached to their Nanny or other people who take care of them. It can often lead to a feeling of inadequacy and jealousy from the mother, but is it actually right to feel that way? All practical good sense says that it is not right, but we being humans often find ourselves falling short, especially when it comes to our children and sharing their affection.

Working Parents, Full Time Nanny

In Dubai, like many other modern urban areas, it takes the earning of two to maintain a family in the style that most of us aspire for. This means that there is a need for someone to be at home to take care of the children. Studies point towards the trend of hiring more child-carers than ever before and hiring full-time babysitters to look after the kids while the parents are at work.

In joint families, it was easy to leave the children with grandparents or aunts and uncles who would look after the children while the parents were busy with their assigned work. In unitary families, there is no family member to fall back upon. This necessitates hiring a carer for the children, while the parents are away. People from across the globe come and settle in Dubai for work and for business. There are few families that have extended family members present in Dubai to take care of the children. Most families with young children or babies have to rely on hired help.

Sometimes having another person to take care of the children becomes inevitable for a young mother. If the mother is physically unable to take care of all her children properly, it makes sense to hire a Babysitter to help out. The mother may be forced to do this if she has two or more children who are very young and require attention all the time. She may also do this if she is unwell and weak.

Another reason for hiring help is because most families are wealthy enough to be able to afford a babysitter in Dubai. Why bother with the palaver of raising a child on your own, when there is hired child carer available easily and at a very affordable rate in Dubai. Easy availability of affordable babysitters in Dubai may be another reason why we see more children being brought up by babysitters and Nannies.

In some cultures and very wealthy families, it is the norm that the children are traditionally looked after by a Nanny and the mother has very little role to play in the upbringing of the children. A case in point would be the Royals of Britain and other such people. In such families, the Nannies are like surrogate mothers looking after all the needs of the children and mothers are more like visitors who come and visit the children a few times a day.

Why Nanny Becomes So Important

People often wonder why children form such strong bonds with their Nannies. It doesn’t take much to win a child’s heart and affection. The reasons why Nannies are so important in a child’s life are many. Here are some of the most important ones:

Nanny Spends Time With The Children

Most Nannies and Carers spend more time with the children than their parents. Hence, the children become more familiar with their carers than their parents. They will often turn to the Nanny rather than the parent when they want comforting and are in need of help. They learn to rely upon their carers and trust them to care for them and protect them.

Nanny Provides for The Child’s Needs

A baby has few needs. It wants to be fed, cleaned, kept warm, and cuddled. It will naturally form a bond with the person who provides it with all this. If that person happens to be someone other than the mother, then the baby will rely upon the presence of that person for its needs. This could happen even in the presence of the mother. This is a natural instinct of the child and has nothing to do with preferences. There are few mothers who would understand that. Giving birth to a baby doesn’t automatically create a bond between the mother and the baby. The bond is formed and strengthened by loving and caring for the baby. If the mother is unable to do so for whatever reason, the baby will automatically form the bond with anyone who it feels loves and cares for it.

Nanny Takes Care Of The Child

Nannies and Carers are the people who take care of the child in the absence of the parents. They not only provide for the child’s needs but also take care of them. Whether it is bathing them, dressing them, feeding them or putting them to bed, it is the nannies who do all this more often than the parents. When the child is sick or is hurt, it is the Nanny who is there to hold and comfort the child and look after him/her till they get well.

Nannies are Fun

Nannies are more fun than the parents. They are more relaxed than the parents would be. Thus the children can have more fun and good experiences. This makes time spent with Nannies more precious to the children, who look forward to it as a relaxing and play time. Babysitters and Nannies are paid to be good to the children it is their jobs, so they rarely reprimand the children or are short with them. They have to exercise their patience as it is their job to do so. Meanwhile, the parents are often stressed and overworked and may not have the time or the patience to deal with the kids. This can often lead to the parents being short, annoyed of irritable with the kids and not being able to provide the warmth and comfort that the child seeks.

Thus, you can see how the Nannies become important in a child’s life. But should this concern you?

Should I Be Worried That My Child Prefers The Nanny To Me?

It is surprising just how many mothers are jealous of their hired helps and carers who take care of their babies. But there is no reason to be so if the mother is spending quality time with her child and giving it the loving and caring the child needs. The Nanny may spend a lot of time with the child but they cannot replace a parent, especially a mother.

If you are worried that your child prefers the Nanny more, try to win over your baby by spending more time. Showing your love and understanding. Hugs and kisses go a long way in strengthening an emotional bond. You can never hug or kiss your child enough. Reading to your child and spending fun time together will help to renew your relationship with your child. Play together, be there when the child is sick and needs comforting. You may be busy with your work but take time out to spend it with your children.

Build A Relationship With The Nanny

Instead of looking at the Nanny as an adversary you have to fight for your child’s affection, try to build a relationship of trust with her. Share what you know about your children and encourage her to share her experiences and thoughts with you. The two of you can work together for the welfare of your children. A Nanny has a more objective view of your children than you do and her insights may help you become a good mother. Similarly, your knowledge will help her take care of your children better. Appreciate what the Nanny gives to your children. She teaches them things that you may not be able to teach them. Her experiences and knowledge could help you become a better mother. Work with her so that your children grow up to become the adults you want them to be.

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