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Babysitting in Dubai: How to plan your vacation

Traveling with children can be many things but easy and relaxing is not typically among them.

Basic guidelines on how to successfully prepare yourself and your child for a pleasing and relaxing vacation. Certain exception is a trip that includes at least some help with child care — time when parents are free to have some time for themselves. In any case, good plan is half the work done.

Now, before immersing yourselves in the vacation mood and your relaxing expectations, you probably have to take care of all the peculiarities and set a schedule for even the smallest details, especially for your child’s routines and habits. If this is your first time to be away from your child for more than a day, be prepared for second thoughts regarding the vacation.

A vacation with or without kids – the question is now

Most parents would like to have their kids together with them and have time without the corresponding responsibilities that come with them at the same time. After a lot of time spent on thinking and contemplating what would be the best possible way to do this the conclusion is usually quite simple: you either take your kids with you or you do not take them together with you on vacation. Voila! It sounds simple, right? Well, it isn’t. I don’t know any parents who reach a decision easily or parents who would feel really at ease to just leave the kids at home for a week.

However, sometimes it is better to leave them at home and properly charge your batteries and come back home ready to enjoy even more special moments with them. In such cases, you will need more than a short-term sitter for the kids, you will need a person who either knows them well or taking care of kids is his/her specialty.

Choosing the right babysitter in Dubai while you are on vacation

When it comes to finding such a person, I cannot think of a better option for a babysitter in Dubai than a close relative (grandparents are the usual choice) because your kids will feel comfortable with having someone they know, and it will be easier for you to arrange everything before you go. One thing that you need to know in order to enjoy your vacation is that your child is in safe and good hands and that her babysitter is armed with all necessary information. You can also check all the available options and book a babysitter online. The best thing with such a person is that you can make an itinerary with all your trip info, your kid’s habits and routines, likes and dislikes, food preferences, medicaments, location of items and toys and what thigs should be avoided. This is totally customizable and can be rearranged at any time and it can be made separately for each of the kids.

Good plan is half the job done

For a successful preparation for your vacation, here are some things that you need to focus on:

  • Food and meals – it is a regular headache for everyone especially for parents. They not only need to think of delicious, healthy and accessible food for themselves – they need to cook or buy suitable food for the kids as well. Older kids are easier to cope with and they can often tend to themselves but for little ones it is rather a challenge. Therefore, do leave detailed notes about what you think your child should eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks and all the possible alternatives and options. Also, avoid big headaches while you’re away but including what they are not allowed to eat or are allergic to. You do not want to receive an urgent call that your child is in the hospital while you are relaxing on the beach. Also, for little fellas, how much and what kind of milk (or how many bottles) a day. You can also leave some pre-cooked food that the babysitter can use when out of available options for the day. You can even leave some recipes and if your babysitter is a good cook, she can prepare some food for the kids as well. In any case, leaving detailed information makes everyone’s life easier too;

  • Schedule and itinerary – as much as you want to prepare notes about your child and the babysitter-she needs to know your schedule as well. Regardless of your arrangements and plans, this is everything the sitter needs to know about your travel plans. Starting from the places you are visiting, cities you are going to, hotels, flights, dates and times. It’s important for you to be reachable and your kids or the person who’s taking care of them to reach you if needed;

  • Kids’ daily routine – devoted parents always do insist on their kid’s daily routine. Regardless of the age, going to school or not, each kid has a routine of daily habits, meals, order of things between meals, outdoor activities, playtime, and, of course, nap time. The more the sitter holds on to the routine, the less headaches she will have and the lesser is the probability you will get a call in the middle of a sunset dinner with your spouse. It is absolutely beneficial to leave an example of the daily routine for the babysitter, so they can create a little schedule and timetable for your child. They should have the liberty to do things somewhat differently and that is one portion of the fun, but having a general routine pre-planned out for them will make your kid to spend the days without you without much hassle;

  • Medical information – this is always a sensitive area and should be well defined and put down on paper prior to starting your vacation. Discuss the typical reactions, matching medical treatment, the anti-panicking and first-aid guidelines and the emergency steps as well. Do refill the medications and note everything down just in case they forget something. Also, do inform the babysitter of another emergency contact apart from yourself. You cannot do much good if you are 2000 miles away from Dubai. Always include other nearby family members, family friends, neighbours, colleagues or trusted contacts that should be phoned and reached in case of an emergency;

  • Indoor and outdoor activities – this is really important as well. Be clear what is inbounds and out-of-bounds. It is always nice to plan and line out some activities or places for the babysitter and your kid(s) to enjoy such as a list of local parks, kid events and at home/outdoor activities that are easy to be organized;

  • Practical guidelines in the neighbourhood – Remember that taking care of children and taking care of household errands is not an easy task. Do ease the process by providing the babysitter with enough information on neighbourhood directions, closest convenience stores and pharmacies, parks, medial clinic or a mall. It will be of great value to them;

  • Extra good behaviour policies – regardless of who is doing the babysitting while you are away, household errands and responsibilities such as trash, mail, electronic appliances settings, security systems, windows, house maintenance, etc. are also included in the package. Be certain to leave details regarding laundry, Wi-Fi information and any other electronic devices that may be used during your absence. If there’s a pet involved, do specify out any information or responsibilities regarding the appropriate pet care.

Finally, as extra helpful tip for using baby products. Do make sure that the babysitter (grandparent or not) understands and feels comfortable using any baby-designed products. Starting from the usual strollers, swings, monitor, car seats, pack-and-plays, or products in general can be somewhat puzzling, so do explain or leave appropriate instructions.

Above all, be sure to communicate every step of the way. Yes, you want a short break from your usual schedule and worries but it is really important to be well aware what is going on home and keep the communication flowing both with the babysitter and with your kid if is old enough to communicate with you.

Follow up on what you missed

Many parents and couples in Dubai are going through this and be sure to check with your family, friends and colleagues for advices and guidelines. It is always good to hear positive experience and be alerted for some things you may miss. You may find many expats in Dubai and their experience is also really interesting. You can read useful articles on sites like and you may find out more information about how to book a babysitter online and have a stress-free vacation you deserve while being at peace that your kids are doing well and fine.

Upon your return home, be sure to discuss all the activities and behaviour in details with the person who spent time with your kid and show gratitude because you may need their help again in the future.

At the end of the day, bring all that positive energy you brought from vacation and enjoy the anticipated time with your loved one. Show your kid how you missed him, spend more time with him/her and start planning next vacation from day one. This time together with your kids.

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