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Child care in the 21st century – nanny in Dubai

Between work and taking care of everything, babysitters are a necessary fear to face for parents in Dubai.

Why are babysitters in Dubai so needed and wanted?

In such a busy and vibrant city as Dubai, people have to rely on pragmatic solutions to deal and cope with their everyday life errands and responsibilities. Take the sheer size and complexity of the Emirate and spice it up with the percentage of young population, the profile of the numerous expat communities and the lack of immediate family members to turn to, professional nanny in Dubai are more than crucial for leading a balanced life. Step by step, child carers become irreplaceable for parents and the industry flourishes year in year. Popular sites such as offer qualified staff and online booking options which give you the freedom to choose hours, services and packages.

One of the most common question people discuss is why children form such durable bonds with their babysitters. Now, we all know that it doesn’t take much effort to win a child’s heart and affection, however, keeping them is not that easy. The main reasons why babysitters are so important in a kid’s life are multiple and they cannot be summarized simply:

Babysitters spend actual time with the children

Most babysitters in Dubai spend more time with the children than their parents do. Thus, children become more familiar with the person who is present during the day and which replaces the parents. They will often turn to the sitter rather than the parent when they are in need of comforting or in need of help. They get used to relying upon their carers and trust them as they trust the parent to care for them and protect them.

They take care of the child’s needs

Babies and toddlers have few needs and limited demands for parent's peace of mind. They need to be fed, kept clean, kept warm, and, of course, cuddled and to feel a large dose of affection. Form a bond with the person who provides all this just comes naturally. If that person happens to be someone other than the mother, then the baby will count upon the presence of that person for its basic needs. What is also intriguing is that this could happen even in the presence of the mother and the child would develop a parallel affection toward a person who takes care of him/her. This is a natural instinct of the child and has nothing to do with either form of preferences. The bond is shaped and reinforced by showing love and affection for the baby. If the mother is not present in the child’s day for whatever reason, the baby will automatically form the bond with anyone who it feels loves and cares for it.

Sitters are fun

Sitters always mean more fun and amusement than the parents. Parents would never be as relaxed as a babysitter would be, especially in the children’s eyes. Hence, children can have more fun and more meaningful experiences, which makes time spent with their sitter more precious to the children, who perceive it as a relaxing and play time. And play time is always a winner. Babysitters and child carers are paid and hired to be good to the children, they rarely reprimand the children and they have to exercise their patience as part of their job description. On the contrary, parents are regularly stressed and overworked and often do not have the time nor the willingness to deal with the kids. Such examples can often lead to the parents being annoyed of irritable with the kids and not being able to offer the personal warmth and comfort that the child demands.

What it takes to be a good child care in Dubai?

Children are quite demanding of love, good care and obvious signs of affection, they require a lot of love and care. They also demand a lot of supervision and personal attention from a devoted and responsible adult who would guide them on the right path of upbringing. Busy parents or single parents who spend a lot of time in the office as well as provide for their children find it challenging to dedicate good quality and devoted time to their children. Sparkling your life at home with a career is absolutely not an easy task and when you simply add children to the equation, this raises the stakes much higher and becomes even more complicated. Therefore, there are several important traits that a babysitter owns in order to be a good sitter in Dubai. Interesting comments and practical advices in how to get the best out of the process of finding the sitter that matches your needs are available on, a digital marketplace covering the services industry in Dubai and the wider region. Not only you would be able to read and discuss various options, you can also book directly and share your feedback as well.


Initial questions mainly cover the experience and the vocational training of the babysitter. People generally prefer the babysitter to have a dose of prior experience before she ends up in your house. Having previous experience, not only shows that the person knows what she is doing, but is also shows that the whole process will go faster and easier and that your kids won’t be a testing ground for learning new skills. The age of the kids watched previously and the number kids watched for at one time is one of the most crucial questions that can help you to narrow down to the right babysitter who is capable of handling the number of kids as you demanded and also gives you an idea about the age of the kid that the babysitter is capable of looking after.

First- aid or registered nurse come very handy in case of accidents. If your babysitter in Dubai is properly trained and has the necessary know-how when it comes to emergency situations, she can be totally relied upon even if the parents are absent. Since babysitting is a job involving kids who are quite prone to accidents, having a babysitter with certain first- aid trainings would definitely be an add-on.

Introducing new concepts – Are nannies a good option for your kids?

Thanks to increasing gender equality practices on a global level, societies are gradually getting rid of gender stereotypes in the workplace - girls are openly welcomed and encouraged to start and develop careers in traditionally male industries such as engineering, mining and physics, but what about the other way round?

When trying to find the best babysitter for your loved ones, you have to determine what criteria are most important for you. Think it through, are your kids a bit disobedient, lively and undisciplined? Well, then get a babysitter who can show some stricter attitude and implement your disciplinary directions well. This could be covered and done by a female, but more often might be a male who would be more effective.

Regardless of whether you are bearing in mind a male or female babysitter, there are way more important characteristics to take into consideration. Ultimately, while gender may play a significant part in opting-in for a professional babysitter in Dubai, it is generally not the deciding factor.

General Background Check

As an addition to the above-mentioned characteristics and observations, there are certain generic information which need to be analysed in order to decide upon hiring a particular person to babysit your children.

  • A babysitter ought to be able elaborate on her strong sides and what makes her the ideal candidate for the job. If the babysitter is confident about his/ her qualities and knows how to put them into use will definitely score higher during a profile evaluation.

  • Inquiring why the person left the previous engagement will give you a clue about the overall behaviour of the babysitter and the basis of the potential issues that could come up.

  • Discussing short-term and long-term plans will give you a generic estimation of the time for which the babysitter will surely be available to work with you and whether or not you can rely on her for an extended period of time or not.

  • Covering health problems that could break your normal schedule of babysitting. Health concerns are a very significant aspect when it comes to working hours of a babysitter and one of the most important determinants when hiring a person.

  • Salary is also one of the most crucial question which would set out to be dependent on the no. of hours that they will be engaged and up to the profile of responsibilities that they are expected to cover. If you have a match than this is a factor that can help you reach a final decision.

In any case, you should visit popular web spots such as It is a domestic services aggregator for Dubai. It has a list of agencies that provide babysitters and other domestic services for clients based in Dubai. With its help you can select options close to your home, compare rates and hire online babysitters or other domestic help.

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