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Babysitting in Dubai: Vacation mood is on

Summer is here, and parents need babysitting to enjoy some time without stressing with everyday pressures.

The more adventurous couples in Dubai are the more exotic destinations they choose. It is an interesting and anticipating occasion that can turn into a memorable story and a moment in time worth falling back on when the everyday going gets tough. Apart from the everyday errands with your kid, of course.

Family vacation – going through the basics

Family holidays are an excellent opportunity for having more bonding moments with loved ones by having more time to be as far away as possible from your normal routines. However, it is sometimes even understandable how young couples find it difficult to adjust to the first few summer vacations with their young kid as an additional member of the travelling party. As in many cases, our family retreat can occasionally feel like being no vacation at all if we spend our time chasing the kids around. Therefore, and thus only, suitable holiday and vacation babysitting is sometimes a must for an enjoyable time.

Many couples anticipate a cosy dinner at sunset with a chillout music playing in the background while enjoying the breeze on the beach. Looking forward to a glass of perfectly chilled Sauvignon Blanc to memorize the moment and then an upsetting choir of playful childish voices interrupt the awaited moment just to make you realize that babysitting on vacation is the new black.

You’re abruptly brought back to reality and faced with the fact that your children have only you to count on and that hiring a vacation babysitter was probably the right choice.

There are many creative ways of staying up to date with your child's everyday happenings and there you can even follow his whole progress all through the way - but, hey, everybody sometimes needs a break from all of that.

Now, in this regard, trust me, for most parents in Dubai, it is not the sunshine and the waves they crave the most – they have plenty of sunshine in the vibrant sandy metropolis. It is the period of tranquillity and the worriless of the present moment and the absence of too many chores and things to take care of in a normal day. Parents need time to and for themselves, and this is not just for romantic purposes, but to reset, grasp the positive energy, relax, reconnect with nature and retreat to what brought them together in the first place. On the other hand, the kids, too, often need a break, how impossible this may appear – they need some time without the observant and worrying eyes of parents, time to just be kids and time to be with other kids and immerse into the “city-less” and more natural environment. At the end of the day, all of you shall appreciate the time apart even if you decide to hire vacation child care for just a couple of hours while spending some time together with your spouse.

Vacation babysitter – introducing the concept

However, as we all know very well, theory and practice are very often strangers to one another. Regardless of the obvious benefits of hiring a babysitter on vacation, most parents are a bit uneasy to leave their child with a total stranger in a foreign place especially in a country with an existing language barrier. As a matter of fact, according to some studies up to 3/4 of parents would not hire a vacation babysitter and thus missing on the benefits of hiring one for yourself and your child. Not only you will be having more time for yourself, but you and your child will have a local guide and a better insight in the local culture and a friendly face in town at all times. As when in Dubai, finding a suitable babysitter and affordable child care service and such help on the road while you are on vacation is not an easy task and it requires time and dedication before your holiday, but it will be well worth the effort during your actual time off. Before booking your flight, have a read on and find out more about practical guidelines, strategies and well-based advices on finding a suitable babysitter.

Here are some basic tips on what to do and what kind of vacation you can go for that will definitely save you time and will turn out to be a memorable time for the kids as well:

  • Find a babysitter first – Rearrange your schedules, mess up your appointments, even have a quarrel if you have to, but finding a reliable babysitter should be your number one priority before you pack your suitcases if you’re planning to leave your kids at any time during your vacation. Go with some one familiar at first. Talk with your family and friends, or even colleagues who travelled to the same destination and check their experiences. It is always beneficial to be with some one with whom you have a person in common. Don’t worry, you can book a babysitter online in just a sec and you can find useful guidelines on sites like In case you cannot find someone familiar, suggest a Skype call, lead the communication and be the ice-breaker. Knowing a word or two in the destination language is definitely a good one;

  • Choose a resort or a hotel with babysitting services - babysitting services and vacation sitters affiliated with hotel chains are always a good idea and many global hotel brands have active kid programs that allows parents to drop their children off for the day, some of them are even tailored to educating kids about the local region or even have summer camps for older kids. However, regardless of the hotel’s reputation and even if you're only leaving your kids for an hour or two, ask the hotel where they find the sitters, what kind of background and reference checks they run - keep safety in mind at all times. If the hotel doesn’t have an ongoing program or service, a concierge will gladly inform you of the options they have for babysitting services in the area. Be sure to specify the ages of your children so they can find and send a babysitter with the suitable and matching experience to care for your loved one. The babysitting is usually done within your hotel room where a bag of activities and fun games is what many of the sitters come with to keep your child busy. Nevertheless, you can always introduce your own and appropriate movies, toys, gadgets or books for the babysitter to use with your children;

  • Bring your own babysitting – This is the best option if you already have someone you are comfortable with. It will save you even a greater amount of time and you’ll be having a constant partner in crime in taking care of your child. If you have a regular babysitter, a person your kids adore, ask if she would be willing to come and join you on your trip to watch the kids part of the time and be a helping hand and enjoy the vacation for the rest of it. Accommodation and meals as well as travel arrangements are usually covered by the parent and the babysitter usually shares a room with the children while the parents have a separate room. Even if at first, she is unsure about the idea, discuss about the expectations and be ready to be more flexible and encourage her to give it a second thought. The alternative to this is having a real family vacation by bringing grandma and grandpa along. Basically, up to 50% of all couples decide to bring the retired grandparents who often have flexible schedules and are an excellent babysitting idea. Although, it seems to be a very widespread choice nowadays, many grandparents are not always up for the challenge, and, of course, not everyone takes the trip with their parents or in-laws as a “vacation” time. The benefits of such bring your own extra hands arrangements are more than obvious, however, it is important to make everything clear for everyone and to properly define expectations on both sides;

  • Explore local child care options – This is an idea definitely worth checking out. It is totally different than bringing your babysitter with you or going for the fancier hotel chains which offer complete babysitting programs for their guests. Yet, this is an idea for braver parents, for ones who are not hesitating to leave their kid in a local kid-centric area in a foreign city or country. It has another interesting spice to it – culture and language. It will give you completely different insight on the local approach and child care and even ignite some ideas. Do a proper check and ask the locals – you can even book a babysitter online and there’s nothing to lose but much free time to win.

A proper vacation is a proper vacation. It aims to leave you refreshed, re-energized and equipped to tackle the challenges of your daily life for it to be a successful one. By going for the extra mile to make sure that your children are suitably cared for while vacationing, you can provide a space for you both to completely unwind. You can find many ideas and guidelines on choosing the right babysitter on These options should offer you the peace of mind that will enable you and your partner to truly relax and appreciate each other’s company while watching your loved one enjoying the sand and the beach in the new environment.

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