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Babysitting in Dubai: Never fret over your child’s safety again

Never fret over your child’s safety again. Read these tips for child safety indoors and outdoors

Our children are precious to us and one of the biggest concerns for any parent is the safety of their child. We believe that our children are safe when they are at home or accompanied by a responsible adult or a nanny in Dubai. But, still, accidents happen. A little distraction, something trivial that is overlooked and our children can get hurt or God forbid, even worse. Whether the children are indoors or outdoors, there are always dangers lurking around for a child. But, this doesn’t mean that we need to be paranoid about our children getting hurt or getting in trouble. There are ways in which you can avoid and prevent accidents and give you children a safe environment where they can expend their energy properly.

Safety Tips for Outdoors

Most accidents happen when children are playing outdoors. Children love to be out in the open where they can run and play or ride their bicycles or skates or boards with relative freedom. Dubai has many lovely parks and open spaces where children can have immense fun. But before you send your children out with a babysitter or a nanny in Dubai, you need to make sure that the playground is absolutely safe and secure.

Outdoor Safety Tips for Nannies and Babysitters in Dubai

Here are some general safety tips that all nannies and babysitting services in Dubai need to follow to ensure the safety of the children while playing outdoors:

  1. Never leave children alone: Who ever may be accompanying a child to the playground should make sure that they do not leave the child alone. If they have to go somewhere, they should get another responsible adult to keep an eye on the child while they are out. Most kidnappings and child snatching incidents happen at playgrounds and outdoors.

  2. Instruct the child to stay off the streets: Do not allow the children to play on or near the streets. Most accidents happen when children are playing in the street or near it and accidently walk on to it and get hit by a vehicle. So, make sure your ward understands that playing in the street or near it is not a good idea. Retrieving toys that have rolled on to the street should be discouraged. Instead, ask your child to ask the accompanying adult, babysitter or nanny to go and fetch it back. This will help to avoid any accidents.

  3. Prevent Wandering Off: instruct your child not to wander off on their own. Parks and playgrounds are the favorite haunts of predators and pedophiles and you need to make sure that you child is safe from them. So teach your child about the dangers of wandering off on their own, talking to and accompanying an unknown person, and accepting any gifts and treats from anyone other than people they know well. Also, the babysitter should keep an eye for anyone suspicious around the playground, especially adults not accompanying any children. Also prevent the child from wandering to the edge of the play area where they can be grabbed easily.

  4. Ensure there are no dangerous objects around: Before the children are allowed to play outside ensure that there are no tools, sharp object, trash or other hazardous substances around the paly area. A quick look around the play area should alert you to thing that should be there and you should remove them before letting children out.

Ideal Playground for Children

When playing outside, the playground or the play area needs to be safe. The babysitting service you have hired should be instructed to take the children to only those playgrounds that you have already checked out and approved. When checking a playground, you need to check for the following:

  1. The playground is fenced: Children are safest in fenced in areas. They are less likely to wander off or run into a street or other hazardous area. Fenced in playground also prevents from predators from getting into the play area and harm a child. If the playground is not fenced in on all the sides, it has to be fenced at least on the sides that open to a hazardous area.

  2. Is not near a pond, lake or a pool: A playground should not be near a water body. More accidents happen than we care to think, when children accidently trip and fall into a water body. If there is a pool in the play area, it should be fenced and there should always be an adult supervising the pool area to prevent any accidental drownings.

  3. Has no electrical outlets or appliances: Children are curious and may stick their finger in an electrical outlets. If there are any, they should be well out of the reach of smaller children. Also, any air conditioning or other electrical units should be fenced in so children cannot accidently come in contact with them.

  4. Lock all outbuildings: If there are any sheds, garages, etc in the vicinity of the play area, make sure that they are properly locked so children cannot get into it. Any gardening equipment, tools as well as chemicals and fertilizers should be place out of reach.

  5. Playground Equipment: All playground equipment should be age appropriate and properly secured to prevent toppling over and hurting a child. The equipment should have smooth surfaces and rounded edges to prevent cuts and bruises. All equipment should meet the safety requirements as stipulated by law.

  6. Playground surface: the surface of the playground should be smooth with no broken or missing bits to prevent accidental falls. Dubai can get really hot during day time so there should be plenty of shade giving trees in the playground or it should be covered. The equipment should be placed in shaded areas away from the sun to prevent burns from contact with hot metal playing equipment.

Outdoor Activities

When outdoors, the children have greater freedom of movement and they can ride bicycles, skate, ride other toys, etc. This should be encouraged but there are certain safety standards to be followed here too.

  1. Riding a cycle, roller skates or a skate board: While riding, the child should be encouraged to stay within a designated safe area where there is no traffic and is set aside for the particular activity. The child should have on proper safety gear. Check that they are wearing helmet, elbow and knee guards to prevent any serious injury in case of a fall.

  2. Swimming: while swimming they should be wearing standard swimming dress and should swim only under adult supervision. If the child is learning to swim or is a weak swimmer, ensure that they have a swimming ring or other such devices on them or close by. Never ever leave a child unattended in a swimming pool.

  3. Sports: if you child is involved in contact sports or team games, again ensure that he/she has proper gear and safety equipment to minimize accidents. Also, adult supervision is mandatory so that there is no rough play or harm done to any child.

If you take precautions serious accidents can be avoided outdoors.

Indoor Safety

Children are exposed to risks indoors too. This is especially true for babies and toddlers. The hazards and risks reduce as the children grow older. Here are the areas to watch out for at home:

  1. Stairs and Stairwells: install grills and gates around stairs and stair wells to prevent a child from climbing up of down and falling off the stairs.

  2. Kitchen: Install child locks on all cupboards and drawers that a child can reach. This will prevent accidental access to dangerous things and chemicals. Keep the kids away from gas cookers and cooking range.

  3. Bathroom: keep the door shut to prevent the child from getting in.

  4. Electricals: Keep all electrical equipment out of reach. All sockets and plugs should be child proof preventing accidental contact.

  5. Others: Create a fenced in area or have a play pen for a child so they can safely play in the area without getting out and running all over the house. Keep all breakable and delicate things out of reach. Ensure that there is nothing that can easily fall off and hurt your child.

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