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Babysitting monthly package

Have a look at our monthly babysitting package. Best price for value guaranteed!

Long term Babysitter?

Schedule an interview, select the babysitter and save money with the monthly package. No hidden charges.

That's not all - Custom package

Not satisfied with our standard monthly package? Don't worry, we can build the right babysitting package for you. Just chat with our friendly operators or drop us an email to inquire about the process.

Babysitter Interview

It is only natural to get acquainted with the babysitter before hiring her and with you can do that. In order to schedule an interview please initiate a chat with the operator or drop us an email. The interview takes place in our office.


Yes, you can select the nationality of your babysitter. We cover pretty much all your requirements.

Live Out Nanny

You do not have to provide for food and accommodation for the babysitter as she will be staying with our provider. No hidden charges; pay only what is mentioned here.


Worried about the Visa? The babysitter stays on our provider visa; no hidden charges, you pay only what is mentioned here.

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