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Babysitting for Newborns and Infants

As a working mother, you need to pay special attention to the babysitter you hire for your newborn.

Though it is difficult for new mothers, but social or work obligations make it essential to leave the baby with a babysitter. Finding a babysitter in Dubai is fairly easy, but finding one who is trained in looking after infants may be a little more difficult.

The babysitting needs of newborn babies and infants are completely different from those of older children. When hiring a babysitter, you need to find one who is experienced in dealing with newborn babies and their special needs.

How Soon Can You Leave Your Baby With a Babysitter

Most babies take between 4 – 6 weeks to establish a proper routine. So the earliest a mother should leave her baby for an entire day is once the baby is about 6 weeks old. The earliest you should leave your baby is not before 4 weeks old. It takes that much time for a baby to establish its feeding routine and the mother to start lactating enough to store breast milk for a few feeds while she is at work. Look into your office’s maternity leave policy and try to reserve most of your leaves for post-delivery period so you can have maximum time to spend with your baby. This will help in establishing a routine and preparing you and your baby for the inevitable separation when you go back to work.

If you are worried that your baby will miss you when you are not around, you should set those worries aside. The baby will not know whether it is being taken care of by you or someone else. It will be happy and contented as long as it is looked after, cuddled and fed. You, probably, will have more separation pangs than your baby.

Where to Look For a Babysitter in Dubai

The ideal situation would be to leave the baby with someone you know, love and trust. This could be a close relative, friend, acquaintance, etc. who would look after your baby properly. But when you are living away from family, it may not always be possible to find someone you know to take care of your baby. Especially when you are a working mother and need to leave your baby for the entire day, five days a week, with someone. Friends may help you out occasionally but, not every day.

There are crèches and childcare centres in Dubai where you can leave your baby, but this is not always the best choice. Most crèches and babycare centres have more children than carers and they may not be able to take care of your baby properly. The babies can be neglected because the staff is overworked looking after the needs of too many children.

So, the natural choice is to find a babysitter who can take care of your baby while you are at work. There are many agencies that specialize in babysitting in Dubai and you could approach one of these to locate an experienced nanny or babysitter for your infant. It is fairly easy to search for and book a babysitter online too. One good resource to look for babysitters in Dubai is It is a listing service for domestic help in Dubai. There are many different agencies that are listed on it. You can compare babysitter prices in Dubai and choose one that fits your requirement and budget. services all areas of Dubai. You can pick up an agency, on its site, which is local to your area for greater convenience.

Your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, who may have been through a similar situation, can also help you find a good babysitter. They can give you a recommendation for a babysitter who they may have used for their babies.

Whatever your preferred method of looking for a babysitter, you need to remember that she has to be very good at her job.

What Kind of Baby Sitter Should You Look For

Finding a good babysitter is essential for the health and wellbeing of your baby. This is one area on which you cannot compromise. When it comes to looking for a babysitter in Dubai for your newborn, you need to look for one with the most experience with small babies. An ideal babysitter would be a woman who has children of her own. A mother would know how to take care of a young baby and understand its needs.

It is best to look for older and experienced child caregivers, as they are more patient and compassionate. These two qualities are essential in a babysitter for a newborn as they need a lot of loving care. Infants have limited ways of communication and a babysitter who cannot intuit your baby’s needs, will not be able to care for it properly. There are certain skills that are highly desirable in a babysitter or a Nanny. Essential skills that a babysitter must possess are first aid and CPR. Emergency can strike anytime and first aid skills are always handy around young babies. These skills can save the life of your baby in case of a medical emergency.

A babysitter should be clean and tidy. Cleanliness is absolutely essential to the wellbeing of your baby. Most health problems develop from an unclean and dirty environment.

She should be flexible with her schedule. Your baby cannot be left alone if you are late at work. The Babysitter should be able to extend her working time to accommodate your emergencies. There should be an understanding between you and her about extra payment for such times. Your relationship with the babysitter should be friendly and communicative. If there is a communication gap between the two of you, your baby is likely to suffer the consequences.

The babysitter needs to be reliable, responsible and trustworthy. She should be proactive and have the capability of making her own decisions for the wellbeing of your child when you are not available for consultation.

Most of all, she should not have a criminal record or history of violence. She should be healthy and have no communicable diseases. She should love babies and be happy to be around them. A person who loves babies will certainly take care of them well.

Before you hire a babysitter, make sure that they spend time with your baby in your presence. You can observe her interaction with your baby and discover whether she will work for you or not. The way a person handles a baby tells a lot about their skills with childcare.

Preparing The Babysitter For The Job

The babysitter cannot work blind with your baby. You have to help her understand the routine for your baby. It is a good idea to hire the babysitter a few days before you have to start work. This will give the babysitter a chance to learn about the baby, its needs and also to familiarize herself with the house.

Initially, you may be reluctant to hand over your precious bundle of joy to a stranger, but you must allow the babysitter to handle the baby as much as possible. It is hard to let go, but essential for a better working relationship with the babysitter. You could supervise her as to how you like the baby to be handled. Tell her about the daily routine and feeding schedule. Let her handle the feeding and changing of the baby gradually letting her take over all the little things that your baby requires to keep it happy and cared for. This time, that yo uspend with her, will give you an insight into the babysitter and her way of working . If there are any things that you are concerned about, you should discuss them while she is looking after your baby under your supervision. Make a list of the routine and schedule of your baby and put it up in a place where the babysitter can consult it. The list should include the following: * The names of the parents * Mobile Numbers of parents * Home address and phone number * Office address and Phone numbers of both the parents * Name and Phone number of the Doctor who attends the baby. * Emergency Contact numbers. These could be phone numbers of friends, relatives, or neighbours. * Name, address and phone number of nearest hospital * Ambulance phone number * Eating, sleeping and playing schedule for the baby * Allergies if any that the baby may suffer from * Medication and its timing if any is to be administered * Medical conditions that require special attention * A map of the house with entry and exits marked properly * Placement of emergency tools and equipment such as fire extinguisher, candles, flashlight, etc. * Any special instructions that you want the babysitter to follow

You should also make a list of Dos and Don’ts for the babysitter to follow. You should never allow your babysitter to handle the baby roughly or shake it. This could result in serious injuries. Also instruct the babysitter to always ensure that the baby sleeps on its back. This is to avoid SIDS and accidental suffocation of the child. She should also ensure that there is nothing in the crib that could cause the baby to suffocate or a toy small enough for the baby to accidently swallow. There should be no pillows, soft toys, quilts of blankets in the crib. Babies should be put to sleep in their sleeping bags. The babysitter should ensure ample exercise and fresh air for the baby. Instruct her to take the baby out for a walk every day.

The more diligent you are with choosing your babysitter and instructing her, the better your baby will fare without you. If you need help with finding a babysitter in Dubai, do check out You are sure to find a suitable babysitter there. It is extremely easy to book a babysitter online with

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