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Booking a Babysitter For a Carefree Carnival and Easter Season

Do not compromise with your social calendar, hire a babysitting service in Dubai to help you out.

So, it is February and it is time to start preparing for Carnival. Some people are preparing to go home for the Easter holidays while others are planning parties, get-togethers and celebrations together. Also, there is so much more to do just to prepare for the upcoming holidays.

The children are off from school and you are probably worrying about leaving them alone at home while you finish off with your gift shopping and extra work that always seems to precede a holiday. What you need right now is some help around the house and also someone to look after the children. If you have a regular babysitter, you have little to worry about, you can probably ask her to come over and take care of the children. If you don’t have a regular nanny in Dubai, you need to find one so you can have a worry-free holiday season.

Holiday Season Babysitting Rush

Yes, like you, there are umpteen other parents who are in the same dilemma as you finding a babysitting service to take care of their kids while they prepare for the holidays. This is a busy time of the year with everyone getting ready for Carnival, even the babysitters. They too are people and it is their festive season too. This means that there is often a shortage of nannies and babysitters in Dubai around this time.

This is the time of the year when sitters are much in demand, so, to avoid the rush later in the month, you should beat the rush and book your nanny in Dubai now. Do not wait until a few days before the day, but do it as far in advance as you can so that you can have your fun too and your children are cared for and safe. If your favorite nanny is not available as someone else has booked her or she has decided not to work through the holidays, you should have ample time to make alternate arrangements and find a [reliable babysitting service]. Dubai has several babysitting services and most of these are listed at You can easily search for a babysitting service online with, which is a marketplace for all kinds of domestic services including babysitting services. With, you can check rates and also read feedback on the babysitters before you book one. You can book the babysitter for a single day or for all the days that you believe you will need a babysitter to look after your kids. Whatever you decide, remember the earlier you book your babysitter, the easier it is to find one.

Hiring a Babysitter for Holidays

If you have been reading the blogs, we already have a blog post on selecting and interviewing a babysitter whom you are hiring for the first time. The process is similar whether you are hiring a babysitter for the holidays or one you are hiring for regular babysitting and nanny service. So here is a quick recap: 1. Experience: this is perhaps the most important thing to ask. It is always good if the nanny has experience in handling kids, especially kids the same age as your kids. There is a vast difference between babysitting for teens/tweens and infants/toddlers. If the babysitter has prior experience it will make the process smoother for all.

  1. Training: this is not strictly required except in the case of special needs children, but it is always a good thing to have a trained and qualified babysitter.

  2. Approach: Questioning the potential babysitter or nanny about their approach towards handling children and their response will help you understand their approach. How they discipline, what they do in case of emergency and other such pertinent questions can help you to understand whether they are worthy of entrusting your children with them or not.

  3. Background: Once you have decided on hiring a babysitter, you need to do a background check on the person and ensure that all is legal and above board. Also, at this stage, ask for references and check out these references. Call people up and talk to them till you are fully satisfied that all the information is correct.

Now that you have fully satisfied yourself that all is as it should be, you can go ahead and hire the babysitter. Look at your social calendar and decided before hand the days when you require the babysitter, the time and the duration. Once you have all this sorted, you can book your babysitter for the holiday season.

Can’t Find a Babysitter, No Worries!

If you have left it too late and cannot find a babysitter for the days and times you need them the most, there is no need to panic. You do not have to sit at home with the kids just because you do not have a nanny to look after the children. You can think out of the box and arrange something that would suit everyone. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Higher Pay: If you have a regular babysitter or a nanny you are familiar with, who does not want to work during the holiday season or is reluctant to work during the holidays, you can see if they are willing to change their minds for a higher rate. If the price is right, there are few people who can resist the temptation of earning a few extra bucks especially around major festivals. Moreover, the holiday babysitting rates are always higher than the normal babysitting rates due to the higher demand. So be prepared to offer extra cash and gifts to your babysitter over the holidays.

  2. Pool in: Since there is always a scarcity of babysitters and nannies during holiday season, you could get together with other friends who have children and need a nanny. Look for friends who are either at home on the days and times you need a babysitter, or already have a babysitter booked for the day. You can then pool in resources and leave your kids with your friend or their nanny. In return, you could offer the same facility to your friends on the days they need babysitting services. This will be immense fun for your kids as they can hang around with each other and have their own little bit of fun.

  3. Parents take turns: You and your spouse can take turns in taking care of the children. If you have an engagement you do not wish to miss because you cannot find a babysitter, you could ask your spouse to stay behind while you go out. Similarly, if your spouse has an engagement, you could offer to be with the children while they go out. This is not the ideal situation, but something that can be done.

  4. Take the children with you: If push comes to shove, you can take the children with you, especially for shopping trips and parties and get togethers with friends and family. Always ask the host first if it is ok to bring the children along. Some people or occasions may not be right to have children around.

  5. Ask a family member: If you are lucky and have family living in Dubai, you could always take their help. Ask your sisters or nieces and nephews or your parents to take care of your children when required. The grandparents are always the best bet as they almost always love to have their grandkids around. If you are offering the job to your nieces or nephews then you might want to add in a cash incentive.

  6. Organize family time: If you cannot find anyone, you might consider restricting your social calendar to only family and friends who have children and organize a combined celebration where you and your kids are all involved doing something. It can be a real family bonding time and great fun for kids.

When to book a babysitter

The ideal time to book a babysitter for Carnival is at least 2 – 3 days for Carnival and 2-3 weeks for Easter in advance to ensure that you can find a good babysitter. Some people say that they book nearly a month in advance, which ensures that they have who they want. If you have a last-minute requirement, you may have to pay a premium for the babysitter, so try to avoid that as far as possible.

Even in the tightest of situations, co-operation always works. So, keep your friends informed and pool in resources to make the festival season even more merry for all of you.

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