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Which is better: Babysitter or Crèche

The question that haunts many working parents is which is better a babysitter or a crèche/daycare center?

It is certainly not an easy choice to make, but if both the parents are working, it is essential to have someone take care of the baby while you are away. We have already discussed babysitting and babysitters in a series of blog posts on the blog. But we have not taken a comparative look at the merits and demerit of having a babysitter versus putting a child in a crèche or a daycare center.

What is Crèche or Daycare in Dubai

Though we may use the two terms interchangeably there is a little difference between the two facilities. Crèche are less structured than a day care center and may or may not have qualified staff. It may just be a housewife taking in children to take care of them with the help of untrained workers. Whereas, a daycare center is usually more disciplined, licensed and have a proper schedule as well as trained staff to take care of the children. This distinction aside, both the facilities are designed with the express purpose of taking care of children while the parents are busy working. Crèche and daycare centers both take in a number of children of various ages. The age may range from a few week old infants to 12 -13-year-olds. This vast difference in ages of children poses a whole host of problems that we will look into later in the post.

Nanny / Babysitter in Dubai

A babysitter provides more personalized care for a child. The child stays at home and someone takes care of him/her while the parents are away. The babysitter has a one to one relationship with the child and takes care of all his/her needs. A babysitter needs certain qualities to qualify as a good babysitter. We have already done a detailed post on Qualities and Skills Essential for a Baby Sitter in Dubai. But in short a babysitter has to be educated, trained, have knowledge of basic first aid, understand children and child development. Besides this, a babysitter needs to be reliable and dependent. One major quality of a good babysitter is that she has to love children and be extremely patient with them.

The best people to babysit for your child are people who are familiar with your child. They could be family or close friends. But in Dubai, this may be a rare case as most people here live in single family units with no relatives around to help. Friends may come in handy once in a while, but they cannot be expected to babysit your child every day while you work. This leaves the only other option open to working parents in Dubai, which is of hiring a babysitter. There are many agencies that provide these services in Dubai. You should check website where you can hire a babysitter online. You can compare babysitter prices and qualifications and look for a registered babysitting company that offers trained babysitters with experience of handling children.

Creche or Babysitter, What Should I Choose?

The question can best be answered by analyzing your needs and your means. If your children are older and need social interaction as well as structured supervision, then it is better to send them to a crèche or a daycare center. For younger children, especially infants, it is often a better idea to have them stay at home with a babysitter or child-carer. Younger children need more attention which may not be possible in a crèche where there are more children than carers. So if you have school going children then a daycare center or a crèche would be better for you, but if you have younger children, you might consider a nanny or a babysitter for them.

If your child is sick or has a medical condition then it is better to have a babysitter look after your child. It may be difficult for a crèche to take care of a child who needs constant attention. You may have to look for a special facility where you can find more personalized care for your child.

Another big consideration is the amount of money you can spend. If costs are not a concern then you might want to have a nanny for your children. For people looking to curtail costs, a crèche is a better option as it is a lot cheaper than hiring a babysitter in Dubai.

If you have only one child, a crèche is a good option as it is cheaper and the child gets better social interaction. If you have more than one child, then having a nanny at home might work out cheaper as you would be paying more at a crèche to look after two kids. Moreover, with two or more children in the house, the question of sending a child to a crèche for social interaction does not arise. The siblings can keep each other company.

One more point to ponder would be the time that the children need to be taken care of. Which would be the time that you and your spouse spend at work or away from home. If you keep irregular hours and need to stay late often, then hiring a babysitter is a better choice as you can hire a full-time babysitter who can be there with the children at all hours of day or night. A crèche or a daycare center only works for parents who have a very structured work life and can pick up their children by the time the center closes.

When making your choice, do keep these points in consideration.

Pros and Cons: Babysitter Vs Crèche

Let us take a closer look at the merits and demerits of both before making a final decision of which to choose.

Babysitter: A babysitter is present all the time with the child and looks after all its needs. The child is in a familiar surrounding with familiar things at home, which can be comforting. She becomes like a surrogate mother to your child. If you are lucky to find a person who loves your children, then often your children will find more comfort with their Nanny than with you. Having a full-time babysitter means that you do not have to take care of the menial jobs for your children. The Nanny or the babysitter puts your children to bed, cooks their food, takes care of their laundry, bathes and dresses them and also wakes them up in the morning, packs their lunch and their school bags and sees them off to the school. So you can have the best of parenting without the pain. But this is an ideal situation where the babysitter is really good. You can sometimes get a babysitter who doesn’t really do what she is hired for. Errant babysitters are pretty common even in Dubai. If you find such a babysitter, then your child could suffer from mental, physical and emotional trauma. So one has to be careful when picking a babysitter.

Crèche: The best thing about a crèche or a daycare center is that the child has other children to play with. Their days are structured and they are supervised. Most daycare centers provide meals so the parents do not have to worry about preparing a tiffin for their children. There are toys and games that the children can play with. Some daycare centers provide hobby classes and study time for children. Being around other children in a structured environment may be beneficial for your child.

But, all is not rosy here either. There are children of various ages in a daycare center and sometimes, the younger kids can be bullied or traumatized by older kids. Since there are many children interacting with each other, infections can be passed on from one to the other. The number of children to the supervising staff can often be greater than is ideal. This means that the children are neglected and their needs are not fully met.

If the hygiene standards of the play equipment and toys is not strictly maintained, the children can catch infections and communicable diseases including fungal infections.

When choosing a daycare center or a crèche for your child you have to be extremely careful that the center is a licensed one, has trained staff and that the ration of children is to staff is not more than 4 -5 children per staff member. A higher ratio would mean that the staff is overworked and will not be able to care for your child properly. This is especially true of younger kids who need more attention.

In conclusion, your own situation and financial condition would be the best determining factor for which you choose. Both the options have their own pitfalls. Much depends upon which you prefer of the two.

If you need to find a babysitter in Dubai, do not forget to login to, you best option for hiring an online babysitter in Dubai. Keep reading this blog for more interesting posts.

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