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Babysitting in Dubai – Drop-in sitting raises the bar in quality

For couples stuck around town taking care of kid vs. everything else in 24 hours battle is often hard to win.

Traditional child care and babysitting in Dubai are always a good idea but very often there’s too much hassle involved in the process. From listening to what other people say, to spending too much time analysing everything and being worried that the person you'll trust with your life's blood is simply not up to the task or not meeting your expectations, up to spending too much money on a sitter and getting all the supplies at home while not spending time with your child.

Therefore, more and more parents resolve to other means of finding an easier, more practical, more easily changeable and more permanent way to have their kid taken care of while saving time, nerves and money in the process.

Evolution of child care and babysitting services

In recent years, more and more companies, institutions, facilities, stores, malls and even gyms or other public places in Dubai started developing their own long or short time drop-in day care centres for children of their employees or their clients. By doing so they are offering a worry-free time for the parents so they can have the time to run an errand, attend a luncheon or attend appointments without worrying for their children.

In such a dynamic and pulsating city, many parents have specific needs when it comes to child care and booking a babysitter online in Dubai or choosing a drop-in sitting for their kids. Nowadays, this is not a form of luxury but more one of a necessity. Websites such as offer a good variety of information, providers and comments that can save you time and give you a better picture of the market.

Babysitting according to your needs and schedules

Now, what if your child care needs fall somewhere between full-time and no-time and you are absolutely without the time to go through the “choosing the right babysitter in Dubai” process. What if you and your partner have more flexible working hours and commitments or you just simply want to spend more time with your child but not be limited in movement or just need child care every once in a while, so you can go to the grocery store, make a hair appointment or take a much-needed break. So instead of paying a heftier price probably that means you are on the right track to think more thoroughly about dropping-in your child in a child care centre. The idea is basically that you bring your child to a regular, full-time or per hour service day-care centre and pay a “daily or an hourly rate” or even get a subscription.

Drop-in care can be well used if you need around 2-4 hours for a sporadic meeting, appointment or just to have a meal. Some also view it as an affordable way to partake in the benefits of preschool. Most services accommodate parents with the needing care during regular business hours, although some of them do offer longer hours and night and weekend availability.

Now, hold on here for a moment.

It is normal that at first the idea of using a drop-in day-care service can make you somewhat nervous. As in regular online booking a babysitter at home and leaving your child in an unknown environment, especially out of the comfort of the home can be at first difficult to grasp. But as in everything else good research and checking reviews for couple of days will prove the correctness of your actions. If you’re considering drop-in day-care and aren’t really sure how you feel about the concept or what to expect, check websites like, ask questions within your family, colleagues and friends, check their experiences and even visit the centre before making up your mind. See how it looks like, what they offer, who are the employees and how are they treating other kids, how are the parents reacting and how safe it is to leave your kid there. It is your peace of mind we are talking about at the end of the day.

Perks of drop-in child care in Dubai

It's no surprise that drop-in child care is becoming more common with parents as a form of booking a babysitter in Dubai. The drop-in care facilities are constantly raising the quality bar and focus on fun activities for kids and often include mealtimes and special theme events to provide parents with a worry-free evening or time away from kids. By avoiding too much planning and by saving time the "No Reservations Required" strategy is a music for parents’ ears. Drop-in care covers adults for "date nights," errands, attendance at weddings or adult-only functions, or business events. Single parents also find the service attractive.

Child care costs are being monitored by more and more parents and they are often making decisions to reduce hours or even pull their kids out of organized programs. Consequently, more drop-in sitting centres in Dubai are offering flexible hours, keeping rates the same or even dropping them in some cases, and working out pay arrangements for struggling families to encourage them to keep the service and keep them as customers. Special programs or fees are also being analysed as providers are competing to find ways to lessen costs while sustaining a quality care program for kids.

Corporate goes babysitting style

Furthermore, as a perk for attracting and retaining top employees, a steadily increasing number of companies are either offering (or considering) in-house child care centres. Corporate child care is on a good track of raising the bar in terms of quality child care. In addition, many businesses are collaborating with child care centres to offer special corporate and discounted service rates or even special hours for employees. Some construction companies and investors are even focusing on including a child care facility as part of master planning of new areas, since having a quality child care centre nearby will make both employers and employees alike to be more attracted to the area.

But, all is not rosy and here either. As in every public space or as with every institution it is your job as a parent to be sure that the main standards are met. These are the main things you should focus on before making a decision:

  • Decide if you want to run your drop-in day care service near your home, your office or in a separate building where you pass the time – it is really important to choose a practical location for your convenience and access in case of an emergency;
  • Find a reputable childcare centre – check word of mouth and reviews, visit sites like for a structured listing of providers;
  • Check references and referrals – if the centre works with big companies or has a lot of clients it usually means that they offer good service and value for money;
  • Check availability, room and space – you do not want to go for the poshest drop-in centre and realize that they have 50 kids per square meter and kids are “waiting in queue” to play with a toy;
  • Inquire about the age of the kids and how whether they are divided – similar age should be put in one group rather than having all playing in one room and possibly getting someone crying;
  • Working hours – choose the most flexible of them all, it is saving time you are trying to achieve. Focus on evenings and weekends availability;
  • Reservation and booking procedure – this is also a flexibility issue – without simple and user-friendly procedures the ease of access would be in vain. Their schedule has to work around your schedule and not the other way around;
  • Child safety – security, video surveillance, safety nets and child-proof furniture and appliances are a must;
  • Creative learning and play time packed with fun, engaging activities indoors – getting kids involved in an enjoyable activity from the start can help them feel more comfortable and adaptable to the new conditions and will boost their creativeness;
  • Use of trained childcare professionals - all hand-picked for talent, commitment and the ability to make kids feel warm and welcome.

Communication and trust are crucial for continuious cooperation

In today's fast-paced society, communications between child care providers and parents continue to develop and improve. For the sake of the argument, where once a month newsletter used to suffice in addition to daily greetings and goodbyes, nowadays child care providers are using a variety of tactics to enable parents almost live feed and ongoing information about their child's day. Some of the companies even create online hubs where they post monthly boards, weekly day-by-day activities, and even interactive reports. Others provide parents with a daily emailed update probably written during naptime. However, face-to-face communications is still unsurpassed even with technology and all the gadgets available on the market.

For the technology savvies, an increasing number of day-care facilities offer worries mothers and fathers the peace of mind of being able to have a look of their child while at day-care as desired through proving video footage of children activities throughout the day. Other companies regularly take photos of their young clients and send them to their parents, post them daily or weekly on blogs or even exchange emails or text messages throughout the day.

Finally, nothing can be more important than your child’s safety, wellbeing, health and your peace of mind. Do insist on your standards and be prepared to invest a little bit more for a better-quality service. It is your loved one who will appreciate it. Check all the blog posts and guidelines on carefully picked to help you to reach the right decision.

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