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Babysitting is not only a means of earning money by taking care of the kids but is an art to handle kids by trying to be involved with them and more importantly understanding them in a friendly manner. A good babysitter is undoubtedly responsible for the all- round development of the child. Be it the safety of the kids or keeping the kids entertained or feeding them correct food at right times of the day, a babysitter needs to take care of even the smallest need of the child. And when someone trusts a babysitter by giving her the entire responsibility of their kid, one would definitely want her to be as trained and qualified as possible. The formal babysitting training classes not only help the babysitter to be more prompt in her actions but also give her the required knowledge to handle situations which have never occurred in her past experience. Also, a more qualified babysitter is definitely eligible to be paid higher than the non-trained ones.

In this post, we will talk about the different courses that a babysitter can get trained on and how these prove to be adding drastic value to the overall experience. In today’s modern paced world, all the parents want their children to be looked after by the babysitter who has some kind of formal training in things like first- aid, child care and CPR. These courses not only make a babysitter stand apart from the rest but also helps her tackle different unwarranted situations which would otherwise turn out to be panicky.

List of trainings and their relevance

We have tried to gather information around all the trainings that a potential babysitter can take and which will help her in getting more paid jobs.

  • Babysitter training: As the name suggests, it is a kind of training which helps in getting to know the in and out of babysitting. Although it is not a mandatory training course but if undertaken can prove out to be quite useful for a babysitter. There are various agencies like which offer such babysitting trainings online and in person and can help in making one a certified babysitter. These trainings include everything right from how to feed the kid to dealing with parents to making the kid asleep. *Safety training: This is the most sought after training that parents tend to look for in the babysitter’s resume. All the parents want their child to be in the safe hands of a babysitter who is trained in CPR and first aid. These days many of the parents are rejecting babysitters because they are not formally trained in any of the safety trainings. Getting certified in first- aid and CPR is quite easy and one can get trained even from the closest fire station or a hospital. It not only adds value to the babysitter’s experience but also helps in increasing the babysitter’s confidence to handle some unwarranted situation.
  • Driver Training: Another one of the important trainings that can provide a babysitter an edge over the others is the driving training. If a babysitters knows driving, she can help the parents by dropping off and picking up kids from the play school or any other place. By being formally trained in driving, one can be more careful while handling kids and avoid common accidents on the roads.
  • Infant Care training: When dealing with new born babies, there are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind. From knowing how to bathe the baby properly to changing diapers, every minute detail of every single activity needs to be known to the babysitter. Taking care of an infant demands more patience and more skill than handling an elder kid. Hence, the infant- care trainings can prove to equip the babysitter with the tiniest of nitty- gritties that need to be taken care of.
  • Cooking Training: Nothing can be a greater boon for a working mother than hiring a babysitter who knows how to cook efficiently. In addition to having knowledge about the right kind of nutrition that a kid needs, if a babysitter can cook nutritious food, then it can prove to be a great help to the parents. Along with feeding the kid, the babysitter can even cook the food according to the taste of the child and thus, can help in giving more comfort to the parents.
  • Life guard training: After a period of time, a babysitter goes everywhere along with the family, be it a family wedding or a vacation. Hence, knowing some basic life guarding tactics can let the parents feel safe by handing over their kid to the babysitter. They would not even think twice in giving their child in babysitter’s safe hands while on a beach or near a pool. Accidents are bound to happen around water and some life saving tips and techniques can help the babysitter in avoiding such minor accidents to turn into traumatic ones.
  • Elementary Education Training: A child will spend maximum of his/ her time with the babysitter and will definitely grasp certain habits and language of the babysitter. A child learns the maximum in some of the initial years of his life and therefore, if a babysitter has undertaken some kind of elementary education training, then she can prove to be of great help in the overall development of the child. These training will help the babysitter in interacting with the kid in the right manner and would also be detrimental in the starting years of learning of the child.
  • Pet care training: A babysitter is not only responsible for taking care of the baby but is even expected to help the family members in other tasks as well, pet care being one of them. If a babysitter knows where to take the pet for a stroll or how to clean the mess that the pet creates or how to tackle the pet when it gets out of control, it can prove to be a great value add to the career of the babysitter.
  • Basic Medical Training: A medical training would equip the babysitter with some fundamental knowledge to handling diseases like common cold or cough to which the kids are prone to. A babysitter who is medically trained can at least help in carrying out the basic process in case of such disease before a doctor turns up which would prevent the situation from worsening or at times entirely cure the child in case of mild infections.

Thus, we saw that getting formal trainings in the above mentioned spheres not only enables the babysitter to prove to be more helpful to the family but also proves to be a great value- add to her career. It helps in boosting the confidence of the babysitter and hence, in improving the disaster management ability of the babysitter. In case of an emergency, a babysitter is bound to panic but if she has already been trained in handling such situation, she would not only be able to take right decision at the right time but will also help in calming down the other members of the family.

These trainings enable the babysitter to think on her feet and take charge of the entire situation.

A good babysitter is pivotal in the overall development of the child and hence, the parents look for the best of the best qualities in a babysitter. The more things the babysitter is trained on, more helpful he/she can prove to be and hence, taking such trainings would increase the babysitter’s chance of being hired. Also, a formal training helps the babysitter in earning the trust of the parents and they would easily and happily give the charge of their kid in the safe hands of the babysitter. All in all, babysitting is a kind of job that would require the care giver to be a jack of all trades who should not only know how to play with the kids but also know how to help in their over- all grooming and development. By taking such trainings, a babysitter not only increases her own skills but also becomes more in- demand. Thus, the more skills the babysitter learns, the better care he/she will be able to give the child and the easier it would be to earn the trust of the parents.

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