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The Better Way of Renting a Space

Finding the Dream Rental is Not Easy, helps!

Whether you are looking for a home or a shop or an office to rent, finding the right place in the right location at the right price is not an easy task. This becomes even more complicated when you are new to a city and know precious little about it. Most of the times, you don’t even know which localities are the most conducive to your requirement.

Renting Through an Agent

To take the pain out of searching a property, most people go to an estate agent or a property management service. Most of these services have their limitations. Some deal in only certain kinds of properties such as only commercial space or only residential. Others may restrict their operations to certain localities and may force you to choose a space in a place that is not very convenient for you. Moreover, the estate agents or property dealer also charge a fee which can push up the entire cost of looking for a property and shifting. Another disadvantage with working through the agents is that there is no direct contact between the tenant and the property owner. If you wish to hear direct from owner or direct from landlord, the agents often prevent you to do so. So, all your negotiations are through the agent whose sole interest is to get the maximum fee out of the deal.

The Better Way of Renting a Space

There is a smart way to rent without having to involve the agents. You can ask around in your own network of friends, coworkers and acquaintances to see if someone can give you a direct lead for an ideal space to rent. Often people do know of vacant properties that are waiting to be let and will help you with an introduction to the landlords. This one to one communication with the landlord is preferable to going through an agent. It allows you to gauge the landlord and understand him or her better than you would be able to through an agent. These platforms work on similar principles. It lets you list your own requirements for a rental space on the site and also allows you to browse through the list of properties available for rent. It provides a space for you to rent a space direct from the owner without any agents or commissions, making the process easy and more pocket friendly.

Legal Requirements

Once you have found the right place at the right price, it is time to complete all the legal work to lease or rent the space. This would include preparing the contracts and agreements to seal the deal.

In Dubai, while renting a property, the laws laid by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) are applied and have to be followed. This requires that you have a Tenancy Contract with the landlord for your tenancy to be deemed legal. The contract itself should be very clear with no space of uncertainty or ambiguity.

All tenancy contracts have to be registered with RERA and for this there is online Ejari system. Ejari registration requires both the landlord as well as the tenant to submit their details as well as that of the property. You just need to submit your papers and details and we help you through the process.

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