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AC cleaning in Dubai - better now then never

As Dubai desert heat and humidity begin to enslave us, we start questioning how we’d survive lacking AC.

Anywhere else in the world, when you're starting with end of spring/start of summer cleaning mode, you probably focus on tackling and getting rid of items you don’t need, freshening up the living space and wiping out your storerooms from the settled dust. Most of the people do not even think about the air conditioner. In Dubai the situation is entirely different and AC mode is one – all the time. Hence, keeping it clean, serviced and spotless is an important chain link on the way to better air quality at home, improved 'energy efficiency and definitely lower operational costs for the whole household.

Dubai marks all-time summer temperature records consecutively in the past several years and they keep rising under the weightiness of increasing global temps—an unpopular trend that targets your home and household, both literally and symbolically, when you see the amounts on your monthly air conditioning bill. Regrettably, mistakes we are making with how our home AC servicing and maintenance may be weakening its capacity, targeting the efficiency, safety and effectiveness, especially here in the Middle East, where living without AC is impossible in summer.

Bad AC maintenance – more problems and higher costs.

Why is that so? Filters inside air conditioners are intended to catch dust and microbes, so if we do not clean them frequently there’s a great chance they might clog up and amass moisture and even mould. This will trigger even more problems both for you and your air conditioner. Therefore, the help of a professional AC cleaning expert or a systematic approach and maintenance by yourself is more than necessary. So, if you ask a reliable AC cleaning expert, neglecting required maintenance is a really good way towards a solid decline in the performance of your air conditioning system while energy consumption steadily increases. Air conditioner's filters, ducting, fins and coils, as well as all other internal and external elements and parts require regular maintenance for the unit to function properly and efficiently throughout its years of service. So, it is always a good idea to check sites such as to find practical guidelines from credible sources on how to improve the overall performance by hiring reliable AC cleaning experts near you in Dubai.

When an air conditioner sits idle for weeks or even months, collecting leaves, dust and debris, a bit of simple maintenance is often desirable to get it going properly. Not doing this maintenance before summer temperatures arrive, you would probably end up spending several hot days waiting for a busy AC cleaning expert — and, even more importantly, ending up paying high- season prices. No one really wants to be stuck in desert-like hotness with an AC unit that’s not properly-maintained.

So, before you try your luck and start your unit, in is advisable to make sure it is completely summer-ready with a moment of fondness and attention. Regular and simple maintenance steps are a great habit to get into the scheme, resulting in a correctly operational system, a healthier household living environment and lower energy bills. Calling in an AC cleaning expert is always a smart move and you can check many practical comments and experiences on sites like and discover what is the best possible value for money you can get.

A/C Essentials

A standard air-conditioning system includes two key components: a condenser unit, which is typically located outdoors, and an internal unit mounted inside the room or the object. There are many different types and forms, both for room air conditioning or on a central cooling system but all of them work generally in the same way. Together these systems extract heat from room air or atmospheric air through refrigeration technology. The air handler or the internal blower blows the subsequent cooled and dehumidified air through the ductwork system to the rooms.

Although, simple adjustments and regular maintenance can save both your lungs, well-being and cut costs, people make many common mistakes when it comes to home AC, so here are some basic guidelines or steps which will save you the trouble in the long-run:

Change the filters. Period.

In such a hot place as Dubai, especially during the summer months, you should be changing the filters on your AC unit as often as possible in every three months or even possibly once a month if the system is running all the time. In Dubai it does.

By overlooking this step and leaving a dirty filter you are causing poor air flow or freezing up of your unit’s evaporator coil, in addition to the 12-15% increase to your AC bill. Shorter lifespan of the complete AC system is just extra. You can read more information about this on for a hands-on experience and advices. However, all experts agree that this is the easiest and frequently the most important step of the AC cleaning process but if we fail to do it, air flow shall be constrained, thus reducing efficiency, and we will end up recirculating dust into our home. In any case, wash re-useable filters or just swap disposable filters with brand new ones. Check the unit’s operation manual to determine the number of filters your air conditioner uses and where they’re located.

Clean the A/C Condenser Coils

A central air conditioner’s external unit, typically located outdoors, is like a large fan in a metal box and ideally, it is covered by a condenser lit or a metal grid to prevent accumulation of debris, leaves, dirt, dust and objects inside it that might cause problems.

A big fan in the metal box moves air across condenser coils and if it is full of debris it means dirt has probably clogged some of the coils, which will probably cut down the unit’s efficiency, so these coils should be cleaned and checked at the beginning of every summer season if they are clogged. To clean the coils, most common thing is to use a refrigerator coil brush or just a soft brush on a vacuum, to gently clean the coils from the outside of the unit.

Use the thermostat actively – it saves you money

If you are not one of those people who constantly think to adjust the regulator before leaving the house, a programmable thermostat can cut your costs in the hundreds on your annual AC expenses bill only by simply raising the temp in your home at those hours or periods of day when you are simply not even there.

Check the coolant lines – ducting is for AC experts only

OK, fair enough but this should be left to the professionals. Since most ducts delivering the cool air are hidden within ceilings and walls, a full and thorough cleaning should be done by an AC expert. He can check if there are any holes in your ducts and he will fix them so your air conditioner can function properly as an enclosed system.

You put in some work on some parts of your ductwork yourself, simply by removing registers and wiping the evident parts of the ducts. The refrigerant pipes connecting the internal to the external unit are usually wrapped and covered with protective foam coolant line insulation aiming at preventing them from wasting energy. Additionally, check to make sure there is no wear on the outdoor electrical wiring.

Outdoor unit – initial signs of trouble

The outdoor compressor unit should always stay clean. Keep it clear of nearby grass and plants and get rid of any debris, dust, leaves. Strangely enough, running a vacuum cleaner over the air intake can help clear dust from inside.

Window seals should work properly

At the start of each cooling season, conduct a proper inspection of the seal between the air conditioner and the window frame to ensure it makes contact with the unit's metal case. Regular moisture or condensation can damage this important point of contact, which will cause cool air to escape from your house.

Use fans to circulate air

Using ceiling fans especially can help keep cool air circulating throughout living spaces. Experts agree that using them removes some of the burden from your AC system. Practical experience has shown that your ceiling fans should be turning counter clockwise during the summer in order to stimulate greater air flow.

Since air conditioning is omnipresent now — in our homes, offices, malls, schools, cars and even other public spaces — it’s important to maintain clean units to protect indoor air quality and personal well-being. Before doing anything routinely on our own, it is always better to go for a professional approach and book an AC cleaning expert near you in Dubai. is one of the sites that offer a really well-analysed analysis and practical comments by other people like you.

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