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Office Cleaning Services Help Boosting Profits and Efficiency

Hiring an Office Cleaning Service in Dubai can help to improve your business profits and efficiency as both employees and clients prefer clean premises.

As you pass along a row of offices and shops, looking for a product or a service, which office would you choose? One which is dark, dirty and untidy, or one that looks inviting and clean. You are more likely to walk into a place that looks inviting and clean. It is a fact that a person will randomly walk into a shop or an office that is clean than into one that is dirty and untidy. This has a lot to do with human psychology and our own sense of hygiene. Cleanliness is always associated with efficiency, eye for details and care. We believe that a business that takes care of cleanliness is more likely to take care of its clients. Moreover, when we keep our homes clean why shouldn’t we also strive to keep our office and business premises clean too?

Does Office Cleaning Services Really Have an Impact on Business Profits and Efficiency?

The premises of any business say a lot about the people that run it. That is why we have offices that are well appointed, front office and receptionists who are presentable and pleasant. This is all about first impressions and these first impressions do matter. When a client or a customer walks into an office or a shop, it should appear to be inviting. A clean and tidy office gives the impression of a business that is well run and inviting to the clients. A dirty office on the other hand gives an impression of a careless and casual attitude with no care taken of the work or the client. A potential client may just turn away from your business if your office is not clean and inviting. Over time it could affect your profit and eventually the business.

Right now we are looking at only one aspect of the business that is the client but there are internal factors too that are impacted by the cleanliness and orderliness of an office or a business establishment.

6 Ways in which Cleanliness Impacts Business

It is a given fact that cleanliness is important for the health of any business. In fact, it is important also from the point of view of your employees too. Let us look at how cleanliness impacts the performance of your employees.

1. Health

An unclean environment is a breeding place for germs. When your office is dirty, it is inviting germs, infections and pests (for example bugs that are very difficult to get rid of ) to inhabit it. These circulating germs and infections can affect the health of your employees. They will be more susceptible to illness and likely to take more days off for sick leave. Dirty surroundings invite pests that carry diseases and germs that can be easily transmitted to your employees who work there. Each day of sick leave costs your business as it is money paid to your employee for the day with no work actually done. Also, it causes delays in project completion and affects deadlines.

2. Moral

No one likes to work in dank, dirty and untidy space. Most people find it extremely depressing to work in filthy conditions. Coming from homes that are neat and clean, the contrast of a dirty office on the moral is immense. Employees look for excuses to stay away from the office on some pretext or the other. They may extend breaks, come in late and refuse to do over time. All this could cost a business in both time and money.

3. Motivation

When an employee’s health and moral are down, it has a marked effect of his/her motivation too. An employee who is not happy at work will not be motivated to give his her best to the organisation. An unmotivated employee is a burden to any organisation as there is no driving force to help the employee to think creatively or to go beyond the call of duty to do something that is innovative and beneficial to the enterprise. Demotivated employee cannot give his/her best to the company thus causing harm to the overall performance of the business.

4. Accidents and Delays

An untidy and cluttered office can be a potential accident waiting to happen. It also causes delays in locating important files and papers. An office that is cleaned regularly sends a message to the employees to keep their work areas clutter free and tidy. This helps in accessing files, papers and important things easily. Dirty floors invite people to be careless and this can be a cause for accidents.

5. Equipment

Most offices use electronic equipment these days which are susceptible to dust and dirt. A dirty office means there is more dust that is likely to harm the office equipment causing frequent breakdowns and thus delays in job completion.

6. Image

An untidy and dirty office sends a silent message to the employees as well as the clients that the business entity does not care for its image. It screams out lack of care and responsibility, which may be interpreted by an employee as the character of the company making them just as irresponsible and careless in the execution of their work. The employees do not take any joy or pride in their work and this is eventually passed down to the customers too.

How to Keep an Office Clean

It may not be possible to every business of office to have a staff member dedicated to cleaning the office. But cleanliness has to be maintained, so here are a few suggestions:

Small Office or Business For some small businesses the cost may be too much. But this doesn’t mean that the office should be opened to business without cleaning it. If it is a small operation with a small office, you can have a part time employee come in to clean the office daily. Encourage your employees to keep their own work space clean and tidy. Ensure that each employee cleans their space before beginning work, it doesn’t take much time if everyone pitches in to keep their own space clean.

Larger Offices and Businesses

For larger offices and businesses, it is advisable to invest in a professional office cleaning service. This eliminates having to employ permanent workers just for cleaning the premises. If the operation is very large, then it may be better to have your own sanitation and cleaning department. With a cleaning service a business can be sure that the offices will be cleaned to the highest professional standards. If the business or office is in a building with shared common public spaces with other businesses or offices, then it makes more sense to have a professional cleaning service that can service the entire building and keep even the common areas clean. All the businesses based in the building can contribute to the cost of cleaning thus ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness.

Why Hire a Professional Office Cleaning Service?

When you entrust the cleaning job to a professional service which is an expert in office cleaning, you can expect them to do the job well and keep your offices perfectly clean.

An office cleaning service in Dubai can be scheduled to come in at a time when it is most convenient for your business. Instead of working during your busy hours, they can be scheduled to come during lean or off hours to complete the cleaning job. The professional services use heavy duty equipment that does a better job at cleaning. Whether it is regular cleaning or deep cleaning, an office cleaning service can handle both easily with the manpower and equipment they have.

In the long run, it is cheaper to hire an office cleaning service than to have your own. You do not invest in equipment or human resources and you can expect better cleaning standards.

How to Hire a Cheap Office Cleaning Service in Dubai?

There are a few cleaning services in Dubai that specialize in commercial and office cleaning. The best way to locate one for your office is to do an internet search or to login to a listing service like to look for one in your area. With you can be assured that the cleaning businesses listed are all genuine and properly whetted. You can also be sure to get a cheap office cleaning service that does it job like an expert. With you can browse through the best office cleaning services in Dubai in one place, read feedbacks and reviews while comparing prices and services to pick one that suits you the best.

Once you have chosen a cleaning service that suits your budget, you have to explain the job to them and let them know the cleaning schedule which suits you the best. The same schedule should be conveyed to the employees as well so everyone knows when the cleaning is due.

With a clean office you can expect to see your employees perform better and your business grow.

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