About us

A brief overview about help4u.today

Who we are

Our company is based on a disruptive model of business. We do not own any service providing agency nor do we directly give the customer the services asked, instead we connect the consumers who need services to the ones who are willing to provide those. Simply put, we connect the requester to the provider.

What we do

help4u.today – A name that you can trust upon when it comes to providing quality services. Be it gardening or taking your pet for a stroll, be it baby-sitting or cleaning your house, we connect thousands of customers to the best service providers at the best possible rate. The customer has to just request for a service and we do the rest. We list down all the service providers for the requested service along with their rates and then the customer can choose from the options according to his convenience and budget. The customer then books the service with us and pays for it online. But our work does not end here, for we enable the customer to keep a track of the service requested by monitoring it through our smart app. Hence, we provide a user friendly customer experience leaving the customer completely satiated.

Why we do

Why bothering with calling every service provider to compare quotation when a digital marketplace can do it for you? Our aim is to ease the user experience and allow the customer to compare, book, pay and monitor through our smart App. As we live in a connected world, the thought of using mobile devices came inevitably to us. We let the customer monitor and track the services of the housemaids through the mobile devices during the working hours, enabling him to supervise them even if miles away from home.

Where we do

You may found us @: Al Ameri Bldg, Tecom, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We work from: 09 - 19 Sun-Thu

You may call us @: +971 (0) 52 157 2187

Or if you prefer you may email us @: customercare@help4u.today